How To Style Gold Jewelry

India is a country with a rich variety of traditions, gold jewelry has been a part of Indian attires for the longest time, from the Mughals to today’s modern era we still see gold in fashion. Regardless of the designs, patterns and themes gold is often considered an important part of your look that gives it a finishing touch. Gold jewelry is something that is suitable to wear all year long and the best part is that it is suitable for any kind of outfit, it just flatters your outfit and makes you look stylish.

Gold is known for adding a touch of beauty and elegance to any outfit, there are some styles and designs that look more flattering on some particular faces, but there are so many options that you can definitely find one for each of you. Most Indians have warm tones which makes them look more flattering. Wearing a simple gold pendant and chain will do your work but if you want to dress up a bit then you can always go for statement pieces. If you are someone looking for inspiration and ways to style your gold jewelry then you are at the right place-

1. Mixed metals

Many of you might not agree but silver and gold metals come together beautifully, you just need to experiment and you’ll know what suits you the best. Mixing up metals is in fashion these days, gone are the days when people wore all gold or all silver pieces. You are now open to a lot of options when you mix and match your jewelry.

2. Chunky statements

Grab a piece of chunky gold statement jewelry, many of you might think that statement pieces are normally worn with Indian outfits but with the change in fashion you can now wear statement jewelry with your jumper and shorts as well. Do not forget to experiment with your look and see what works for you. No matter what you wear you’ll love this shiny metal that will help you flatter your outfit.

3. Layered gold necklaces

Gone are the days when heavy necklaces were the only option, now you have a list of various varieties that matches will all kinds of outfits and occasions. Layered gold necklaces are one such piece that is a must to have today, these are extremely minimal and flatters your outfit in many ways. You can wear them for a beach vacation with your floral dresses as well as with midi and mini Skirts.

4. Delicate rings for a feminine look

Not many people like to wear necklaces or earrings but are fond of finger rings, these are extremely beautiful pieces of elegance that adds up to your beauty. If you are someone who doesn’t like wearing a lot of jewelry but wants to style up a bit then rings are perfect for you, this will give you a feminine look and work great with every outfit.

5. Gold earrings for summer vibes

Gold tassel earrings are something that will add up a lot to your outfit. You can grab a piece of this modern jewelry anywhere these are just perfect and will make your look even more stylish and fashionable.

6. The casual minimal golden look

For a casual and minimal look, you can go for golden hoops or studs, these pieces are just perfect for any kind of outfits. you can pair them up with your jeans and t-shirt as well as with your skirt and crop top. These are easy to style and carry, you can find this anywhere online and are very adjustable.


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