How To Style Off-shoulder Tops

It’s been a while that the off-shoulder tops are the rage now, they have been present everywhere from runways to red carpets and has turned quite a few heads and have gathered compliments for many of us. These are a must have in every girl’s wardrobe as it goes with everything, from pieces of denim to skirts and whatnot. They are extremely versatile, and that stunning neckline makes it a winning style that will help you to up your fashion game. You can simply pair it with a denim or a casual skirt and head over to a party or a brunch.

The off-shoulder tops have taken over the industry and everyone wants to get their hands on this piece of clothing. We all somewhere assumed that these might last until the summer but, thankfully they are still here. It might be a slight problem for girls to keep the neckline intact and proper, but these are definitely what a lot of girls go-to for their rescue. If you are someone who wants to try off-shoulder tops but are confused about how to style them then here are some tips and tricks you should know,

1. Basic off-shoulder top with denim

To start with, you can pair a basic solid off-shoulder top with your favorite pair of denim, you can wear this on a regular day when you go out for shopping with friends or for movie dates. This is the most basic staple in anybody’s wardrobe, this is the most frequently bought piece of clothing in the market. Doesn’t matter which shape and size you are, you can definitely ace this look. You can opt for any type of top according to your style preferences whether it is short or long.

2. Casual Sunday brunch

If you are bored with the regular casual dresses with prints and patterns then go for an off the shoulder dress that will give you a perfect look. You can ear it for a Sunday brunch or even for birthday parties and movie dates. You can add up a bit to look dressy, you can opt for layered chains or some regular chokers to define your neck and flatter your collar bones.

3. Cocktail party

You can wear a body-hugging off the shoulder dress to a cocktail party and you’ll see how people will drool over your outfit. Instead of wearing a floral printed maxi dress or a casual dress go for something that’s bold and draws the attention for you. You can pair it up with a statement choker or big earrings.

4. Saree blouse

Indian clothes have undergone some changes in the past few decades and adding an off-shoulder blouse for your saree is one of the best modern touches to the ethnic Indian clothes. These kinds of looks are mostly created in runways but we have seen so many influencers and bloggers looking super hot and classy with these off-shoulder saree blouses. This will make your outfit be on point and gather a lot of compliments for you. Just in case of change, you can also pair the off-shoulder blouse with a good looking pair of palazzos or even dhoti pants.

5. Regular off the shoulder crop top

This has to be one of the hottest addition to the fashion industry, crop tops are just the best and go with everything from trousers to skirts. You can opt for an off the shoulder crop top and rock the event. Try color coordinating your outfits, however, white off-shoulder is something that will look great for a festive occasion.


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