How To Style One-shoulder Top

Having summer around the corner one thing is for sure that one shoulder tops are the neckline trend of the summer. These are extremely flattering and something that enhances your curves. You might not be a huge fan of off the shoulder top but these are something that you will definitely love wearing. You can opt for pretty colors that will make you feel better this summer. If you are someone like us who loves wearing tank tops because they are highly comfortable and stylish then believe us you will love these too.

Unlike off the shoulder tops, the one-shoulder tops are extremely comfortable to wear and there are various ways you can style them up. They are really pretty with half a naked shoulder and are pretty easy to pull off. You need not worry about slipping as these will stay on your shoulders and will give you a flattering avatar. Show off those collar bones and make them stare at you, these will be an illuminator for an evening party or event where you can style up a bit. Grab these tops and see how many heads turn to see you and the eyes of many are going to be automatically drawn towards you.

1. Style em up with your faded denim

Faded types of denim and one shoulder tops are something that makes a great match, these are extremely fashionable and can be worn by any body shape or size. You can opt for denim styles that make your body look flattering and beautiful.

2. Experiment with patterns and prints

You need to wear only solid tops you can try your hands on summery prints that are florals or patterns that give you summer vibes. If you are planning for a beach vacation with your buddies and aren’t sure what to pack, then make sure you have a one-shoulder top you can style it up with your shorts or even flowy skirts.

3. Go for skirts

Talking about skirts these pieces of clothing are something that will give you major feminine vibe, these are something that adds an extra touch to your outfit. If you do not want to look too dressy and want to opt for something that’s comfortable but at the same time is stylish then this one is definitely for you.

4. Grab some accessories

Want to know how to make that outfit look extra modern then grab some accessories that will make your look stylish and will instantly lift up your fashion sense. And it’s a good reminder that something minimal can make your look fresh and different every time.

5. Opt for the right footwear

Yes! Opting for the right footwear is also one of the most important things to take care of, wearing good footwear always makes things easier. They will enhance tour entire look and finish your look with style.

6. Denim skirts are a yes

Denim skirts are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe and the best thing about denim skirts is it can be paired up with everything and will flatter any kind of body. If you want to go a little extra with your looks then add a fanny pack and your favorite sunnies to get that perfect beachy look.

7. Wear them with your favorite shorts

Denim shorts are sexy and classy, it depends on you whether you style it to look appealing or just to look classy. Tuck in your one-shoulder top with your favorite shorts and ace that look by adding some layered gold jewelry or go minimal with a hat and sunglasses.


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