How To Style Pearl Jewelry

After Diamonds, pearls are something that is most loved by women, these are the sign of epitome elegance and glory. These are something that will add sophistication to any look and outfit. Pearls are something that can be paired up with anything whether it is an ethnic lehenga, saree or a modern suit or denim and blazer. There are various ways you can style a piece of pearl jewelry based on your choice and convenience. The pearls will add an instant classic vibe to your looks and will make you look elegant and graceful, you can give them some modern touch to match up with your styling standards.

Pearls are something that will effortlessly give a touch of elegance to your outfit and the best part is, you can always dress it up or dress it down according to the occasion. Over the years there are many designs and styles that have changed but pearl jewelry is still on trend and will always be. Wearing a piece of pearl jewelry will make you feel confident, fantastic and beautiful, no matter how your day goes this will grab you the attention and gather compliments for you.

1. Pearls and formals

Many of you might not agree when we say pearls and formals together make a gorgeous and classy combination. Yes, you can style your formals with a touch of elegance, you can wear a single pearl pendant with your suits or just a pair of pearl studs that match with your outfit. With everyday attire, it is important to have fun and pearl jewelry will add that fun to your outfits.

2. The classic attire

When we talk about the pearl and pearl jewelry the only thing that comes to our mind is the classic 80s look where we see women wearing light-colored sarees with pearl chokers and studs. These are known as the classic pieces of beauty and perfection, if you are planning for your friend’s reception or any other event then try on your mom’s light or pastel colored sarees and add pearl jewelry to it, you’ll see people complimenting you for the entire look. To add up you can add some classic pearl bangle to add femininity.

3. Adding a touch of modernity

Wearing chokers with pearls look so fashionable and trendy, you might have seen this trend getting so popular and that’s because it is a great way to up your styling game. You can style your outfit with pearl chokers and studs to give it a modern touch, this will just be enough to complete your entire look. Double ball pearls are also something that’s trending these days, they are just simple stud earring but with a pearl ball on both sides of the ear, these are a unique piece of jewelry that will definitely go with your outfits and make them look modern yet classy.

4. Earrings with pearls to get that edgy look

As you know earrings are perfect to complete any look, you can wear them everywhere from school and college to date nights and workplace. These are just perfect and will go with any outfit, it is always good to have a pair of earrings that will add jazz to your outfit. If you want to grab people’s attention then this one is definitely for you. Make sure you add some edgy and interesting earrings with your outfit and it’ll make you stand out in the crowd. You can also combine the whole look together with a pearl choker and an edgy pearl earring with a set of rings.

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