How To Style Pleated Skirts In Autumn And Winter

In the past, pleated skirts were considered to be bourgeois and reminded a little of school uniforms. In 2018, the pleated skirt blossomed into a trend piece that not only hangs in the closet of fashion-savvy women. At the moment you can see pleated skirts everywhere – at high fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Coach and JW Anderson, who send their models in pleated skirts over the catwalks, as well as at H&M, Mango and other large fashion chains. Whether in a shiny metallic look, made of fine leather, playful tulle or classic in silk look, in mini, midi or maxi length: the selection of models is almost endless. One more reason not to hide the feminine summer skirts in the closet on the first cool days. With a few styling tricks, pleated skirts can also be worn super in autumn and winter.

What is pleated blind?

Pleated is an even material in which artificial folds are incorporated. This makes the fabric look particularly flattering and feminine. To ensure that the folds last, synthetic materials such as polyester are usually used. In natural materials such as cotton, the artificially formed folds would not be wash-resistant.

Styling tips: How to wear pleated skirts in autumn and winter

Work best with style breaks to give the pleated skirt a modern look. Rule # 1 in styling: The skirt should be in focus – and supported and highlighted by the rest of the outfit without the other parts stealing the show. Therefore, better avoid tops with eye-catching prints and applications and instead combine them with plain-colored styling partners in subtle or bright colors. Or take the strictness off the pleated skirt with a cool leather or bomber jacket.

Combine autumn tops with a pleated skirt

While light tank tops, casual shirts or oversize blouses look great with pleated skirts in summer, it’s best to use chunky knit or turtleneck sweaters in the cold season. Thick wool sweaters make the look casual and cozy, while narrow-cut turtlenecks immediately make the outfit look elegant. To make your figure stand out better, you can loosely stick the top into the waistband of the pleated skirt. If you are fashionable, do it like Calvin Klein at the presentation of the autumn / winter 2018/2019 collection and wear an oversized sweater casually over your skirt. If that’s too much for you, you can only put part of the sweater in the waistband at the front – this creates a nice silhouette, but still looks cool.

Wear coat, jacket and co. To the pleated skirt

When the temperatures get cooler, a sweater alone is no longer enough to keep you warm through the day. Wear a short leather jacket or blouson to accentuate the waist and create an urban look. Oversized blazers, on the other hand, look androgynous and also go with serious business outfits. In the evening or on elegant occasions, woolen coats are the right choice. To create a harmonious silhouette, the coat should end about five to ten centimeters above the pleated skirt.

Style the right shoes for the pleated skirt

With pleated skirts, almost everything is allowed when choosing shoes – provided the model of choice doesn’t look too lovely and well-behaved. If you like minimalism like the Scandinavians, combine white sneakers with a trendy skirt. The outfit becomes more elegant with ankle boots and sock boots – ankle boots with heels and a high, very tight-fitting shaft. They flatter the bonds and make the legs look extra long thanks to a small heel. Overknee boots for pleated skirts are sophisticated and practical at the same time: the XL boots reach up to the thighs and make tights under the skirt superfluous.

How to find the right pleated skirt

The length

If you want to be careful about pleated skirts, it’s best to choose a midi model. This trend length stands for every woman regardless of figure and height. Small women can wear ankle-length models, tall women can wear floor-length pleated skirts. Calf-length skirts wear quickly, but still have a flattering effect on women with narrow cuffs and calves.

The wide

It is important that the pleated skirt is not too tight when trying it on. Because then the individual folds fan out and optically cheat a few kilos more. By the way: The heavier the material (e.g. leather or knit), the less the pleated blinds open.


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