How To Style The Trend Shoes | Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee boots keep you warm and look classy – provided they are properly styled. In this Fashion Guide you can read how you can combine the boots with an XXL shaft in a stylish and everyday fashion. For a long time, overknee boots were considered wicked – today many women like to wear them in their free time and even in the office. And that can look really good! With the right outfit and a few styling tricks, the extravagant shoe can become a classy eye-catcher. In the fashion guide we show you how to combine over-the-knee boots 40plus for everyday use.

What exactly are over the knee boots?

The English name gives information about the appearance of the trend shoes: “Overknee” means something like “over the knee”. The shaft of the boot should therefore at least reach over the knee and, in its most extreme form, end under the bottom. Overknees are available in numerous different materials such as suede, smooth leather, fabric, velvet or vinyl.

You should pay attention to this when buying over-the-knee boots


Avoid glossy materials such as patent or smooth leather and especially vinyl. This applies even to very slim women and quickly seems too daring. In contrast, suede over the knee boots look elegant in muted colors such as black, gray and beige. Velvet – one of the trend materials in autumn and winter 2017/2018 – is also a nice choice for women over 40. Dark colors such as Bordeaux, midnight blue and emerald green have a particularly elegant effect.


So that the over-the-knee boot fits perfectly in everyday life, you should note a few points when buying. Do not choose the shaft too tight – otherwise it cuts into the leg and the blood is unsightly. If the shaft is too wide, the boot keeps sliding down. Indicative for a good grip: If your thumb fits between the thigh and shaft of the overknee, the width is correct.

Heel height

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the dress, sweater or skirt, the flatter the heel should be. For a stylish look, you should avoid the combination of very short clothes and over-the-knee boots. If you do not want to do without a paragraph entirely, it should not be more than five centimeters high. Broad heels are particularly noble and suitable for everyday use, for example block heels. Stiletto heels can quickly look too daring and go best with simple outfits that show very little skin. If you want to be on the safe side, flat over the knee boots are the right choice.

Styling tips: How to combine over-the-knee boots with 40plus

As a rule of thumb for a successful outfit with over-the-knee boots: less is more. Simple looks are particularly recommended for women over 40, since the trend shoe is an eye-catcher in itself and with the wrong styling partners it quickly looks too daring. The narrow XXL boots need subtle opponents so that the overall look remains consistent: a stylish appearance is guaranteed by loose cuts and soft colors. Also, you shouldn’t show too much skin. Long sleeves, a turtleneck or small stand-up collar on the top look much more elegant than tight-fitting fabrics and large cutouts.

Styling variant 1: over the knee boots & straight leg jeans

Great for everyday wear and the office: Combine plain-colored, tight-fitting jeans, such as skinny jeans or a model with a straight leg, with an oversized sweater made of chunky knit to overknee boots made of suede or velvet. If you want to stretch your legs optically, choose pants and boots in the same or a very similar color. If you prefer to wear blue jeans, you can wear black, beige, gray or midnight blue overknees that are similar in color to the oversized top. Tip: A checkered oversize blazer or a wide coat are great styling partners for overknees. Here, too, rely on simple cuts and similar colors.

Styling variant 2: over the knee boots & knitted dress

High neck knitted dresses and over knees are a great team. In order to style the female outfit seriously, there should not be more than a hand’s width of skin between the hem of the dress and the boot shaft. For less fashionable women or in the cold season, tights or leggings are suitable, which partially or completely cover the thighs. The look is very classy if you pull a shirt dress under the knitted dress or a long knitted sweater and the hem flashes out.

Styling variant 3: over the knee boots with shirt blouse & cardigan

Do you like rock looks? Then combine leather trousers or leggings, an extra-long shirt blouse and a long cardigan with over-the-knee boots. However, make sure that the leather of the pants is not too shiny and that both the blouse and the cardigan reach at least to the middle of the thighs.


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