How To Tame Jegging?

In recent years, the world of denim has evolved to make way for more masculine cuts like Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. But the tight-fitting trend is a basic constantly revisited with new successive versions. For the pleasure of addicts of skinny and slim, Anglo-Saxon fashion launched a new cut of pants: the jegging, a stretch model very close to jeans. So what is this cut of pants halfway between jeans and leggings? How to wear jegging without making a faux pas?

What is jegging?

With these English terms not easy to navigate! Brushes are easily tangled between jegging, legging, skinny and tregging etc. We immediately take stock of each of these pants to see more clearly:

  • Leggings are a kind of thicker footless tights that will keep you warmer
  • Tretting is ultra tight pants but made of leather or very elastic synthetic material
  • Jegging is very tight pants (a kind of legging) but it looks like jeans in less thickness. Easy to recognize because its topstitched pockets and seams are wrong. Often
  • they don’t even have a zipper. Their material is stretch, halfway between cotton and elastane.

Jegging for what morphology?

The jegging perfectly follows the forms. For this reason, curvy women do not always allow themselves to turn to this cut of pants. What is it really? Yes of course, jegging is not the best ally of women with generous shapes. If you are not comfortable with your shape, forget this type of pants. On the other hand, if you know how to mix fashion pieces and if you want to try the adventure, you can quite get a trendy look with a jegging when you are round .

How to wear a round women’s jegging?

  • We are trying to find a cut with less visible pockets at the buttocks so as not to accentuate the shapes
  • We associate it with t-shirts or long blouses to lengthen the silhouette
  • We opt for high heels (always to make the line thinner)

What about jegging when you’re thin?

For women with a slender figure, jegging is particularly suitable because it sticks to the skin. This type of Kate Moss silhouette can afford to wear her jegging with many different fashion pieces: long blouse or semi tucked in pants, sneakers or heels, basic t-shirts etc. You just have to choose your pieces according to the look you want.
Do you have a small belly that you want to hide? No problem, just wear your jegging with a loose fit sweater or a flowing blouse! Either way, the top of your jegging is not meant to be seen!

How to wear jegging?

There are several ways to wear jegging . You can wear it the way you would wear jeans or leggings. In winter, you therefore have the choice between the combination of jegging + long tunics or jegging + oversized sweater / long t-shirt with a pretty long knit or a fitted blazer. In summer, jegging is preferable for the evening because it is still quite warm. It can give a small trendy casual style when accompanied by a large t-shirt with a masculine cut or V-neck and a nice pair of retro sandals. For this winter 2019/2020 season, if we follow current fashion trends, a casual look with a jegging would ideally be composed of the following pieces:

  • Studded ankle boots (for a glamorous rock look)
  • A black jegging (you will find very nice black jegging at Zara in high waist version) or a raw jegging
  • An oversized sweater
  • XXL faux fur coat or long wool coat

For an evening look , we will bet on elegance with a pair of pumps and a rather dark jegging shade (raw or black). High side, it can be associated with a black top in light veil and play on a transparency effect to add chic to her outfit.

5 mistakes to avoid with a jegging

The jegging is an ultra feminine accessory because it adapts to curves by highlighting them. But be careful not to make a “fashion faux pas” by associating your jegging with bad fashion pieces. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid absolutely:

Wear a tight top

The jegging piece is already a piece that is worn very close to the body, it would be in bad taste to adopt a total form-fitting look from head to toe. On the one hand, it could highlight forms that you do not want us to see. And on the other hand, it could also quickly seem vulgar. To be worn in a modern way, the jegging is rather worn with loose and fluid tops. The ideal is a sweater with an oversized cut or a tunic that will fall on the bottom of the buttocks. We forget the short tops.

Choose a printed jegging

If you want to avoid the “cheap” effect of jegging, especially never choose a jegging with animal patterns or stripes or flashy color! Although the “graou” is trendy this year, trust us, it is not made for this style of pants. We will rather choose a plain and raw or light color model to be elegant and tune your pants easily.

The top tucked into the pants

So there, we stop you right away, tucking his top in his tight high waist pants has not been trendy for a few years! Finally if, if you do it looser slightly then there you have the right, but not with a jegging! As we said above, we are not supposed to see the top of your pants with a jegging.


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