How To Wear A Floral Dress In Winter?

The flowery dress has not finished brightening our days with its fresh and vibrant tones. Indispensable for the summer season, the little floral dress is just as good in winter and allows you to adopt many different looks. From romantic inspiration to rock inspiration, it inspires glamor and lightness. Here’s how to wear the floral dress in winter? Guide to the parts and accessories to associate with it for a modern and trendy look.

What to wear with a floral dress in winter?

The floral print is everywhere! We love it for its romantic and bucolic allure but not only! Spring dresses can be worn just as easily in fall or winter. They bring cheerfulness to our wardrobes and warm our looks with class. Whether you wear a short or long floral dress, with discreet or colorful flowers, here are all our tips for knowing what to wear with your floral dress in winter !

What jacket with a floral dress?

For a chic urban look and a rock touch, combine your floral dress with a perfecto . A black leather or suede jacket has the advantage of going with all types of floral dresses, whether the flowers are voluminous or sober. For the coolness of autumn, you can wear a denim jacket and wrap yourself in an XXL scarf to keep you warm. You will be ultra trendy and the jeans bring out the floral prints very nicely. If you want a more comfortable and relaxed look, you can wear your floral dress with an oversized cardigan , a large mesh or a warm sweater.

The trench is also a good option for a casual style and you can even dare the blazer with the floral dress. Obviously try to choose plain jackets and coats so as not to overload your print look. The nude tones will go perfectly with your floral dress!

Floral dress what shoes?

Contrary to what you might think, the floral dress goes with almost all shoes: sneakers, boots, boots, ankle boots, etc. One of the favorite outfits of bloggers is the floral dress with boots ! The rock spirit of the boots breaks the blue-flower aspect of the floral dress with modernity. If you want to be warm and wear heels, choose high boots and dare the colored boots in winter. Choose noble materials such as suede to give the look to your outfit! In summer or for a chic event, heels are a must and will go with a short dress as well as a long one! Finally, know that you can perfectly wear your floral dress with trendy sneakers with large soles for a very urban look or simple plain sneakers like Converse that will always go well with a casual style.

How to accessorize a floral dress?

Properly accessorizing your floral dress is important, because if you combine too many prints and too many bling-bling accessories, you will quickly look like a grandmother on the way back. Your accessories must be trendy pieces that bring real style to your outfit.

Do not accumulate too much jewelry, instead bet on one or two pieces like a multi-row necklace and designer rings or hoops with a nice bracelet. If you want a bohemian chic look or a vintage look, it will be easier to accumulate jewelry by wearing several rings, fine bracelets or a pretty cuff as well as a fringed bag in coachella style and why retro glasses!

What pocket with floral dress?

The floral dress is the perfect dress to go to a formal event. Very trendy in weddings, baptisms and official ceremonies, they are often chosen in chic but discreet tones (pastel, frills and flowing materials). If you have opted for a floral dress at a wedding for example, choose a refined clutch in solid colors to match your dress. It’s the ideal outfit style for a country wedding !

What tights to wear with a floral dress?

The floral print is already well marked, no need to complicate your task with patterned tights. Simple opaque tights will be perfect to accompany your looks. You can indulge in choosing tights with very discreet patterns depending on the color of your dress and the volume of the flowers.

How to wear a long floral dress?

The long floral dresses are vaporous and fluid. We often think wrongly, that the long floral dress is reserved for hot summers and yet not it is an essential piece of the cold season. You should have at least one flowered dress for fall and / or winter in your closet. It’s a must-have this season!

In summary :

The romantic floral dress is one of the must-have of the year. In winter, we opt preferably for a long dress that we associate with essential pieces like a perfecto, ankle boots or a felt hat.


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