How To Wear A Turtleneck In Style Now

Turtleneck and turtleneck sweaters were lost for a long time, but returned from exile a few years ago and are now a must in any wardrobe. Whether fine knit or XXL mesh – the high-necked sweaters manage to give every winter outfit a certain glam factor. We explains how they are best styled.┬áThe classic turtleneck sweater is cut tight, made of knitting, possibly ribbed and can actually be worn with anything. If you don’t like it so tight around the neck, it’s best to choose oversized turtlenecks, they are cut further and don’t lie so close to the neck.

What materials should you use?

Better to invest a little more money and use fine knitting materials such as cashmere or merino wool. After all, a wheelchair is a classic that can easily last a few winters. In addition, you wear tight wheelchairs directly on the skin – and bad materials can quickly scratch uncomfortably.

Fold up or down?

Some like it tidy and correct and folds down the turtleneck, the other prefers the casual look and does not roll it down. However, the latter only works for people with a long neck, a short neck appears a little shorter with the second variant.

What do i do with my hair

Just like hats, turtlenecks can be a real challenge for long hair . The collar constantly rubs against the hair, with the result that they are not only charged statically, but also rough and dull over time. The mane can even matt on the neck. The solution: a high bun or ponytail. So the turtleneck comes into its own even better. If the whole thing doesn’t bother you, you can wear the hair in the trendy “Rolli-Bob” look, in other words in the turtleneck.

How does the wheelchair look become stylish?

Classy style

For the classic look, the warm turtleneck sweater is preferably worn in winter instead of a blouse, i.e. with a suit or jeans. Choose subtle colors such as navy blue, black, white or gray in the office. Bright colors can also be combined with plain pieces in the office.

Evening station wagon

In the evening, the turtleneck can even be combined with a sequin skirt or under a sleeveless slip dress made of silk satin . That keeps you warm and looks really cool! For the party look, use wow accessories such as a clutch, statement necklaces and pointed pumps. So the turtleneck sweater no longer looks like an everyday basic.
3rd date

It becomes sexy instead of stuffy with a leather skirt or leggings. Immediately the leather part looks less dirty. Make sure that the warm turtleneck is the same color as the leather part – otherwise the look looks cheap and not sexy-elegant.

Summer look

If you want to wear your favorite summer dresses in winter as well, just put on a warm turtleneck. The turtleneck should be tight-fitting and made of thin material so that it fits under the dress.


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