How To Wear A Yellow Dress?

Yellow is a bold color and full of freshness very trendy this year. Although it is one of the primary colors, it is often worn sparingly or by discreet touch to decorate an outfit. Indeed, most women do not dare to wear a yellow dress because they do not know how to accessorize it or which yellow dress to choose. Yet wearing a yellow dress is extremely flattering. Yellow catches the eye and goes with many different colors! Here is a complete guide for how to choose and accessorize a yellow dress in style.

Choose the right yellow according to your skin color

There is a wide variation of yellow, from light yellow to bright yellow to lemon yellow. There are at least ten existing yellows.

  • If you have fair skin: opt for warm yellows (mustard yellow, dark yellow) or cold yellows (very pale yellow). Above all, avoid neon yellow such as neon yellow which will make you look pale. Classic yellow (primary color) is also not the best choice for your fair skin.
  • If you have normal to dark skin: dare the tart yellow like lemon yellow.
  • If you have black skin: all the yellows will delight you except the fluorescent yellow.

Match her yellow dress with the right colors

The advantage of yellow is that it goes very easily with many colors: white, black, khaki, electric blue, navy blue, royal blue, jean blue, gray, green, nude, purple, orange. Knowing how to match your yellow dress to other colored clothes will give an ultra neat and dressed effect because you will give the impression of perfectly mastering the codes of fashion. We often think of associating yellow with a single color but this “dualistic” spirit is sometimes too simplistic and the rendering is not chic enough. For more elegance and subtlety, dare to associate a third discreet color.

Choose a cut adapted to its morphology

To wear a yellow dress, the choice of color is important as well as the cut of the dress you will choose. It is always more flattering to dress according to your morphology .
Try several cuts to find the perfect dress for your figure.

What to wear with a mustard yellow dress?

The mustard yellow dress is very popular this season. Mustard yellow is elegant and flattering for most body types. You can also combine mustard jeans with a leather piece (shoes, jacket, bag) for an ultra modern look.

What jacket with a yellow dress?

The tiles go very well with yellow! An oversized plaid blazer can give a very hyped style with your yellow dress! Leather warms up a yellow dress in no time. So think of your perfecto for a cool evening.

What shoes with a yellow dress?

If you want an urban and trendy look, mix your outfit with another must-have of the season. The rendering will be sublime! If you’re more of a classic type or don’t dare print, here’s how to choose your shoes with a yellow dress :

  • Opt for neutral-colored shoes like white, nude, cream, black for a classic look.
  • For a chic and colorful touch: opt for colorful shoes (purple, blue, brick, etc.).

In summer, wear a short mustard yellow dress with tall spartans .

What accessories with a yellow dress?

To choose your handbag or belt, we advise you to create a shade of yellows by opting for saffron or orange-yellow accessories.

What jewelry with a yellow dress?

With yellow, we definitely opt for metallic jewelry:

  • Golden
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Silver

What varnish with a yellow dress?

Not always easy to choose your varnish with a yellow dress . We are sometimes afraid of opting for an overly showy color or of no longer being able to combine it with other clothing colors. Keep in mind, that the yellow is very elegant with neutral tones (nudes, gray, white) or with a shades of colors (a yellow on a tone slightly above that of your dress).

  • If you like discretion, go instead on nude which will go perfectly with your yellow and will be easy to match with the other colors of your clothes.
  • If you want something more sparkling, dare orange-yellow, coppery or purplish tones.

What makeup with a yellow dress?

Your yellow dress is already the central element of your outfit, it is important not to overdo it on the makeup side. However, you still have to be up to the shade you have chosen to look good in all circumstances. How to choose your makeup with a yellow dress? To stay elegant, choose which part of your face you are going to highlight! Your eyes or your mouth? The golden rule is to stay sober!

  • If you opt for a bright red lipstick, then be simple on the eyes and avoid smoky smoky. Instead, start with a fine line of eyeliner and mascara.
  • If you opt for a colored make-up and you want to try coppery smoky or faded blue then bet on a nude red.


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