How To Wear Booties Now! | Combine Ankle Boots

Ankle boots can be the decisive extra when it comes to an outfit: We reveal how you can combine ankle boots to perfectly present yourself and your look.¬†Ankle boots come in all colors and shapes. And no matter whether ankle, cowboy or sock boots, whether to slip on, with a zip or laced, whether with a lot or little heel – we love them all! Why? It’s simple: we can wear our favorite model all year round and actually combine it with any outfit.As the? We’ll tell you here.

Combine ankle boots: pants in or out?

The nice thing about ankle boots is that they can basically be worn for everything. However, the styling is all the more important! Especially in combination with pants, you are faced with the all-important question: Do I put the pants in the shaft or do I wear the pants over the boots? Ultimately, this question must be answered individually for each pair of trousers and figure – as always, try it on! You should wear what you like best! However, there are a few rules of thumb regarding the question of how best to combine which pants with ankle boots.

Skinny jeans

The simplest thing first – jeans or trousers that fit snugly over the entire leg usually look most beautiful with ankle boots when they are stuck in the shaft. Sometimes, however, it also looks particularly cool when the skinny is turned upside down at the ankle and there is still a narrow strip of leg between the pants and the boot shaft – this depends entirely on your leg length and the height of the boot shaft.

Flared jeans and other flared trousers

Bell bottoms have been back in fashion since this fall / winter season at the latest. Whether made of denim or cord – the hip trousers go perfectly with ankle boots. We prefer to wear flared trousers in normal length over the boots. Of course, we don’t put our cropped flare jeans and culottes in the ankle boot, that would destroy their effect. Here, however, the length of the pants and the length and width of the boot shaft are decisive:If the leg cannot be seen due to the height of the boot shaft or the length of the pants, the best choice is ankle boots with a tight-fitting shaft – for example sock boots. In the case of ankle boots with a very short shaft, the pants should either extend far over the shoe or be so short that the ankle can be seen. So the legs look slim despite the wide trousers and are not compressed. Tip for the cold seasons: If you want to have your legs flashing between your ankle boots and pants even at low temperatures, you can also do this with eye-catching socks!

Straight and wide-cut trousers

Whether mom or boyfriend jeans – we prefer to wear straight or wide-cut jeans carded or in a short cropped length with ankle boots. Because no matter whether the boot shaft is very short or a little longer – a wider cut of jeans extends over our ankles, which means that the legs often look short and wide … Quite different: Marlene and Palazzo pants! Thanks to the elegantly flowing fabric quality, they visually lengthen the legs when they reach to our feet or to the floor. High heel ankle boots enhance this effect.

Combine ankle boots with a dress or skirt

Dresses and skirts rave about ankle boots! However, sensitivity here also depends on the length of the dress or skirt and the height and width of the boot shaft. Trendy and very suitable for almost every form of ankle boots are dresses and skirts in midi length. And even if the bloggers and influencers on Instagram and Co. want to whitewash us something else: When it is cold, we can also wear tights with our dress or skirt / boot combination : just make sure that the tights are one has the same color as possible as the ankle boots.

Short dresses and skirts also make a great pair with ankle boots! Something about ankle-high boots with heels conjure up a particularly long leg. But don’t worry, no high-heel heels are necessary to take this effect with you: ankle boots with a four to eight centimeter high block heel conjure us up, are comfortable and are also trendy!

Combine white, red, brown ankle boots: the color makes the look

This year the color palette of the ankle boots is particularly colorful: especially red and white models are very trendy ! But boots with a snake or Leo print are also favorites this year … If you don’t like it or want to make sure that your new favorite shoes can be combined in a variety of ways, go for black or brown ankle boots. However, the courage to use unusual colors is also worthwhile, because bright red or white ankle boots are such eye-catchers that they make every look, however simple, into an outfit of the day.


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