How To Wear Flare Jeans

It’s the big comeback of flare jeans !!! And yes, fashion never ceases to surprise us by combining contemporary pieces with vintage pieces that already enjoyed dazzling success a few years ago. The return of a flagship piece like the eph’s legs is perfect for practicing this touch of creativity by combining our current must-have with our new denim cut: flare. Less flared than its ancestor, flare jeans are available in different versions, from the slim cut to the very flared cut. With its Funny Ladies 2020 spirit , it can be worn for a chic as well as a casual look. Here is an inspiration well understanding how to wear flare jeans to create a chic and trendy look.

What are flare jeans?

The flare cut is a cut sheathed at the waist then flared from the knee to the ankles. A cut halfway between the slim cut and the famous eph ‘leg cut which knew its heyday in the 60’s, 70’s. Its retro touch is no less contemporary. Flare jeans are chic and relaxed and it’s a cut that contrasts completely with the fashion for slim jeans which is gradually losing its number one place among jeans.

What morphology for flare jeans?

It is the perfect cut to lengthen the silhouette and gain a few centimeters. There are slim cuts, wide and ultra wide cuts. The important thing is to choose the cut that suits you best.

  • If you have curves, choose high-waisted flare jeans
  • If your size is not marked, choose a low waist flare jeans

The cut of the flare jeans draws attention to the lower body. So if your upper body is wider than your hips (square shoulders for example) it is an outfit that will balance your figure!

What about flare jeans when you’re little?

Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans or bootcut jeans are better suited for little girls because flare jeans tend to crush the silhouette of women of small sizes. If you still want to wear flare jeans, choose a short cut and rather flare slim and especially wear heels to grow your figure.

What to wear with Flare jeans?

To know what to wear with flare jeans, just look at the side of fashion bloggers who offer looks worked in avant-garde style, sometimes mixing chic and extravagance. It is a real source of inspiration! Here’s how bloggers wear flare jeans .

What top with flare jeans?

T-shirt, blouse, shirt, croc-top … Almost all tops will go with flare jeans. We avoid oversized tops and we prefer fitted tops even adding an oversized cardigan to give style.

What jacket with flare jeans?

Combining rock spirit and modernity, the perfecto is the fashion piece to wear with flare jeans. You can also opt for the combination of white t-shirt, belted jeans and blazer for a casual look. A perfect outfit to wear flare jeans to the office!

What shoes with Flare jeans?

With your flare jeans, your feet are hidden if you have opted for a very flared and long cut. To avoid appearing to be crushed, we advise you to wear heels. Another very chic version: wear flare jeans with pointed boots! Between the cowboy boots and the classic ankle boot, the pointed ankle boot is elegant and contemporary. Finally, the sock boot goes beautifully with flare jeans. For the short flare cut, the ideal is to reveal the ankles with beautiful simple pumps or with thin straps!

How to wear flare jeans in winter?

Its very chic cut is perfect for winter. We like its structured and longiform look. It can be chosen as well in short version as in long version by wearing it with boots or platform heels. To break the retro side and wear flare jeans in style , you can also opt for a knitted sweater or an oversized cardigan that you will fit in your high waist jeans only on the front of the pants. Choose pointed ankle boots in leather or suede to contrast the silhouette and bring chic and elegance to your outfit.

In summary :

The new denim trend this year is flare jeans. A kind of elephant leg jeans in a softer version.


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