How To Wear Linen As A Trend Material In Spring

As a natural product, linen has long had a reputation as “eco” – and that was not meant nicely. Fortunately, times have changed and the purchase of linen clothing is also worthwhile for the new spring / summer season 2020 and any other season. Because the trend material of the hour is characterized by its robustness, is also pleasantly airy on the body even with heat records in summer – and now as chic and changeable as rarely before. We show the most beautiful fashion trends with linen for spring from the runways.

Linen Dresses

Probably the most feminine way to wear linen as a trend in the warm season is in the form of a dress. Then maximum comfort is guaranteed if the linen fibers are not only breathable per se, but also the optimal air circulation is made possible by the open cut. In addition to more classic linen dresses in a shirt blouse style or in a wrap look, this spring and summer models that are in love with detail, such as the maxi dress with sheer straps and three-tier ruffles on the hem of the Australian label White Story, are convincing.

Also a good address for linen dresses , which you can look forward to every year when you change your seasonal wardrobe, are the trend models by Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. Her fashion label Sleeper, founded in Kiev, became the new It label last year, which, alongside delicate pajamas and pouch pockets, has become known above all for its linen dresses with oversized statement sleeves.

Linen Skirts

Admittedly, the risk of wrinkles that are typical of the material that linen likes to get is particularly high for a base made from flax fiber. It is usually enough to gently sit on the bike with the freshly streamed outfit in the morning for the way to the (soon normal) office – and despite all safety precautions, countless folds adorn the linen piece. It doesn’t matter, because a) your counterpart knows exactly what the disadvantages of the material are, that much is certain and b) that is why some of the trend pieces made of linen have their special charm for this very reason. An alternative for the current season would be to wear a skirt like that of the Australian label Zimmermann. Because the white linen material has a fine, also white flocking, folds no longer attract attention,

Or you can distract yourself from potential ironing defects by choosing a skirt that scores with its extravagance. This is ensured, for example, by the blue-black maxi skirt in flamenco style with an asymmetrical flounce from the spring / summer 2020 collection by Belgian fashion designer Dries van Noten, which he designed in collaboration with Christian Lacroix.

Linen Suits

Contrary to critical assumptions, the natural fiber linen is ideally suited for the business wardrobe this spring. One of the most beautiful fashion trends for the material this season is the processing into a pants suit. The Danish label Ganni shows how smart and not eco-friendly it looks. In his model, the two-piece made of cream-colored linen has black contrast details, such as a one-sided waist belt. This enables the linen duo to create a figure-flattering silhouette despite the loose cut.

In its most airy variation, the material 2020 is used in the suit trend of the season: the Bermuda suit. Either you choose two pieces of linen that don’t really belong together, as Arket shows in his lookbook for The Linen Collection for spring / summer. Or you choose the suit with parts intended for each other, such as the set by British-Korean designer Rejina Pyo, which looks trendy and chic thanks to details such as a bar made of different handmade buttons, a waist and a square neck on the blazer .


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