How To Wear Socks Now

Until recently, socks should be one thing above all: invisible. But since the designers from Prada or Dolce & Gabbana sent their models with stockings on their feet in high heels over the catwalks, socks have emerged from their shadowy existence. They are now much more than just a sweat guard. Socks – even the knitted ones made of wool – are the new trend accessories and favorites of the fashion scene.┬áBut we normal women don’t really dare to tackle stockings. Combine socks conspicuously and consciously use them as an eye-catcher accessory in our outfits? Most of us lack the courage to do so. We explain which socks are perfect for which shoes and how stockings are now combined.

Sporty, sporty: which socks in sneakers?

Sneakers are one of the absolute trend shoes 2018/2019. And this season we simply wear them with eye-catching socks. It gets particularly sporty with chunky chunky sneakers, tennis socks and casual mom jeans. Important: Anyone who chooses sports socks should keep the rest of the look as elegant as possible and not combine any other sports clothing.

So that the socks come out nicely, simply roll up the jeans hem on the ankle a little. It gets a little more daring, but just as cool with sneakers, tennis socks and a midi dress. The combination of playful boho dress and sporty socks results in a mega cool break in style.

Not a fan of tennis socks? Then simply style your sneakers with glitter socks or colorful striped socks. It will be mega cool if you choose the sock color to match the top. Our favorite look: mom jeans, red oversize shirt, glen check blazer, white sneakers and red glitter socks.

Socks in pumps and sandals, is that possible?

Fashion bloggers have long since discovered what is probably an absolute no-go for most of you because it is reminiscent of Mallorca holidaymakers in adilettes and sports socks. We are talking about the combination of coarse wool socks and sandals or pumps.

Admittedly, wearing socks in open shoes takes courage, and these station wagons rarely dare. If you want to slowly approach the subject of “showing socks”, you can wear half-high, semi-transparent lace stockings or delicate models with dots in your shoes. These socks look girly and playful and do not create such a hard break in style to the elegant look as sporty socks or roughly knitted wool socks. It is also easier if socks and shoes come from the same color family.

Real trend style right now: glitter socks and fishnet stockings in pumps. With such socks you can spice up your look in no time. Semi-transparent models with girlish dot patterns also make a nice combination with open sandals and pumps. By the way, such socks also go great with fine loafers.

Style socks in winter

Socks not only keep you nice and warm in winter, but can also be noticed this season. But how do you actually style the cool accessory properly? Quite simply with cool boots. In this case, however, you should definitely wear cropped jeans so that the socks also come into their own. If you like, you can also choose a maxi dress in combination with statement socks and ankle boots.

Tights and socks don’t go together? Not correct! You can also combine cool socks with a pantyhose look. However, you should take care not to choose too many different colors. It is best to style with plain black tights, black boots and colorful socks.

Trend accessory knee socks: how to style them properly!

Knee highs are very popular, especially in the cooler months and in the transition period, and immediately give every look, no matter how simple, a sexy touch. But how do you best style knee socks so that the look looks trendy and not cheap? The good news: combining knee socks is not that difficult.

Do you have a sporty, rather casual style and do you like to wear jeans? Then combine short jeans shorts and a simple T-shirt with the knee highs. With a leather jacket, you can add a rocking touch to everyday styling with knee-high socks.

The styling becomes more girlish if you combine a flared mini skirt with your knee-highs instead of shorts. Sneakers such as chucks or vans, but also ankle boots and lace-up shoes are suitable as shoes for knee-high stockings.

Another little styling tip: black knee socks are particularly easy to combine. Choose firm, models with a high den number and wear them over finer tights. The den number gives information about the density of the stockings. The lower the value, the lighter and more translucent they are. Great effect: The double stockings instantly make your legs look much slimmer!

By the way: That is the difference between socks and stockings

Socks and stockings are not the same. Nevertheless, the terms are used synonymously by many people. But what is the difference between socks and stockings? While stockings are reserved for women, socks have both men and women in the drawer. They are mostly knitted from cotton, wool or polyester blends and thicker than their fine relatives, the stockings.

Then there are the so-called “fine stockings” as skin-tight, half-length stockings, hold-up stockings that reach up to the thigh, or as practical tights. Fine stockings are mostly made of nylon and are transparent to opaque. The den number gives information about how tightly a stocking is knitted.


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