How To Wear Stripes Correctly

Lateral, longitudinal, wide, narrow, colorful or monochrome – stripe patterns in different variants are current in every season. The black and white striped Breton shirt is even one of the classics that never go out of style. But there they are – the dreaded horizontal stripes! They’re like that, right? This belief persists at least in the fashion world. As a precaution, many women therefore avoid striped clothing, regardless of the trend. Have you not really dared to approach the striking line pattern? Then join us on our little Streif train through the world of lines. We would like to show you that you can wear stripes with any type of figure. With the right stripe pattern and cleverly chosen colors, you can direct your gaze and specifically emphasize or conceal desired body areas. We show you how it works.

The lateral entry into striped fashion

How do horizontal stripes work? We perceive horizontal stripes on clothing as horizontal lines that visually interrupt the length of the body. This divides it into sections or – depending on the width of the strip – into areas. By the way, belts also have a similar effect. The pattern draws attention to the width of the body. If you are very tall and slim, you can use this effect to balance the upper body and legs.

How to wear horizontal stripes correctly : The larger and more contrasting the pattern, the more attention it attracts. The black and white striped shirt by Dress In with its thin lines on a light background highlights your figure and goes well with a casual outfit with classic jeans. If you are a little stronger around the shoulders and hips and do not want to emphasize this, you can choose a variant in dark color, such as »the black sweater from Dress In . The figure-hugging cut and the uniform horizontal stripes with integrated glossy yarn draw the eye to your narrow waist. With well-placed block strips, you can better show off your female figure and specifically emphasize proportions, such as»The sweater by Paola proves it. The bright colors at shoulder and waist height give these parts of the body visually more volume. The darker gray, on the other hand, somewhat reduces the bust and hips.

Tip : To break up the effect of horizontal stripes a little, you can wear a plain-colored jacket in a matching color, as in our example with the »stripe sweater in rose and gray . The jacket interrupts the width effect of the horizontal stripes. A scarf or a long chain can also form a vertical opposite pole here.

Long, longer, streaked!

How do vertical stripes work? Longitudinal stripes direct the view in a vertical direction, i.e. from top to bottom. They automatically make the silhouette appear slimmer and longer. This effect is of course ideal for the upper body, but also for the legs. Therefore, you will often find this pattern in blouses, pants and pencil skirts. The finer the lines, the more elegant the design. Just think of the popular pinstripe design for business suits and trousers.

How to wear vertical stripes correctly: If you want to look a little bigger, tops with vertical stripes are just right for you. The long blouses from Dress In extend over the hips. The fine stripes in »red and » navy blue are long enough to visually stretch your silhouette – perfect if you are rather small and delicate. A sporty decorative stripe on the side seam enhances »the blue-striped blouse by Dress In and not only makes your torso look longer, but also narrower. The black blouse by Paola looks more elegant and sophisticated than the sporty blouse tops. The stripes in shiny satin result in a subtle pattern that flows around female shapes. The transparent sleeves are a special eye-catcher of this feminine blouse.

By the way: With the V-neckline that results from the blouse collar, you can further support the stretching effect of the vertical stripes.

Colorful foray into a good mood

How do colored stripes work? Bright colors and strong contrasts reinforce the striking effect of a stripe shirt. When combining, you should consider one thing: The striped part is always in focus and attracts everyone’s attention. Therefore, only choose a piece of stripes and wear plain-colored trousers, skirts or jackets and matching accessories.

How do you wear colored stripes? You can fashionably change the outfit classic from a black and white striped shirt and blue jeans by choosing a colorful version such as »the multicolored sweater by Dress In or » the fashionable model by Laura Kent . This combination appears cheerful and cheeky and does not lose its sporty charm. Wide block stripes immediately catch the eye, making »the stripe sweaters by Laura Kentto the center of your outfit. For a sporty, casual look, wear classic jeans and sneakers. The outfit looks a little nobler if you pick up narrow trousers or a pencil skirt in black. You can also wear white with all colors without the look being overloaded. Especially with »the purple stripe sweater from Dress In you can create a variant of the well-known blue and white marine look.

Tip : Decide on a color of the stripe pattern and select additional clothes and accessories for the outfit to match the color. The combination looks harmonious and does not steal the stripe pattern from the show.

Stripes as a classic of fashion design suit everyone. With the right lines, matching colors and figure-hugging cuts, the popular pattern can be combined for every type of figure. Dare to approach the vertical and horizontal stripes. We hope you enjoy combining and trying it out!


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