How To Wear The Color White On Different Occasions

Styling tips white outfits: The color white is one of the most important trend colors of the year and was already a color favorite in 2018. There, however, rather as a mere accessory. Do you remember white sunglasses, boots and bags? Exactly. But this year you can wear white all over. I’m personally very happy because, as you know, I love bright colors and white as well. I actually wear the color all year round (yes, even in winter!). I will show you today that the white trend also works perfectly for a wide variety of occasions and seasons by giving you a little insight into my wardrobe, including styling tips for white outfits. So, let’s go

Casual everyday look in summer

In summer, the temperatures rise well in the evening and sometimes to 30 degrees. Of course, it should still be comfortable. That’s why a white bib dress is the perfect basis for me to create a summery, casual look. A flowing piece of clothing is perfect for this. My choice: a light blouson. In addition, cowboy boots always go and also match the jeans dress. A couple of statement earrings and cool sunglasses perfectly round off the casual leisure summer look.

Feminine business look

It should be suitable for the job, but still feminine and noble? Then a white blazer is the right choice. Ideally in combination with the typical pinstripe business pattern. The blazer becomes feminine when combined with lace . My favorite: a midi-length pencil skirt. The pencil skirt has the ideal length, does not show too much and still looks beautifully feminine. Of course, a culotte with a lace look is also possible. To prevent the look from becoming too elegant, you break it with colored accessories and materials such as leather and velvet. Not a must, but a great eye-catcher: XL earrings in classic black.

Casual / elegant everyday look for autumn

White outfits white are also a great choice in autumn – for example as jeans . Important: it should not be too tight and should have a loose boyfriend cut . Then ankle-high boots look great. A belt with a pattern also ensures a small change in style for the white outfit. Can it get a little sportier? Then he takes a bomber jacket or a blouson . These look casual and not too hard. Boxy short jackets are also a great styling option. For underneath, I choose a beautiful feminine blouse with a stand-up collar – it shows next to nothing and is a chic break in style to a sporty jacket.

Summery party look in oversize style

Are you going to a summer party in the garden or by the pool? While everyone else is now probably using bright summer prints and bright colors, I (as always) rely on subtle, elegant white. The key piece of the Loos is a simple oversize shirt dress . To be honest, this doesn’t look like much on its own. It is therefore important to make the accessories summery and feminine. My tip: summer sandals in bright colors paired with a bast visor . If you like, you can combine a little jewelry, but of course it is not a must. When it comes to bags, I would choose a large shopper bag . You can find space for a bikini, towel, sunscreen etc.

White business look with two parts

The white business look with a pencil skirt is too feminine for you? Then just try white in the office as a two-piece suit . You are never wrong! A much better choice in summer: not long Marlene trousers , but one that shows ankles . The shoes should remain closed, however, because at least the bosses like to see open tens. And, because in the evening you can still have a dinner or a cocktail, you can enhance the look with glamorous pieces . My choice: a shimmering top in gold / black, a bucket bag with rhinestones and chic earrings. Then hold back on the make-up – otherwise it quickly becomes too much.

Layering look for winter

In winter, your look should not necessarily be as white as snow. But after all, white is diverse and looks super beautiful even in soft off-white. By the way, midi skirts are not only beautiful in summer, but also great to feel feminine in winter. Especially when thick knitted sweaters disguise the figure. So that you can still recognize the silhouette, simply wear a suitable belt at the waist, et VoilĂ . When it comes to accessories, you can fall back on typical autumn-winter colors such as brown, dark red or black.

Cozy everyday look for autumn

Let’s stay one more round in the colder season. The time when things get uncomfortable is slowly beginning in Hebst too. An outfit should be one thing above all: cozy. In combination with the trend color white, it still looks modern and not nearly as dark as gray or black. What to look out for? On the right pieces. This definitely includes cool autumn boots . They come into their own most beautifully when they are worn with a midi skirt or dress . A thick knitted sweater and a warm woolen scarf ensure the cuddle factor . Gladly in soft coffee tones. This brings a bit of variety to the styling and at the same time blends harmoniously into the look.

Chic summer party look in white

Back to summer. Are you invited to a summer birthday party but don’t want to steal the show from the birthday child? Yes, white also fits. For example, white lace is totally popular right now – whether as a blouse or dress. In addition, a nice summer hat, a pair of comfortable shoes and a summer handbag. By the way: the light A-line perfectly hides unwanted pads on the stomach and thighs and draws attention upwards. Incidentally, I personally prefer my upper body rather than my lower body, so I really like clothes with a shoulder and upper body focus.

Elegant business look

Another business look that I personally really like: a combination of a shift dress and a blouse . Incidentally, it also fits perfectly in autumn and, despite white, does not look too intrusive. Above all, this creates the ideal office length of the dress and the high-necked blouse . Thanks to fringes and satin, it still looks feminine. A narrow belt at the waist also emphasizes the silhouette. When it comes to accessories, you should use the colors of autumn as a guide. Dark red, gold tones or brown are perfect. What also applies to this job look: less make-up is more.


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