How To Wear The Fashion Trend

The ’68 movement, hippies and disco fever shaped the fashion of the 1970s, which are now celebrating their fashionable comeback: with bright colors, graphic prints or shiny fabrics, bow blouses and flared jeans. We will show you how to implement the retro trend in everyday style and the most beautiful current parts in our styling guide. Are you a child of the 50s or 60s? Then this trend will either inspire you or awaken memories of the fashion sins of your teenage days: The Seventies have been making a fashionable comeback for several fashion seasons and at the latest in autumn and winter 2018/19 – with silky shiny sheer blouses, loose trousers, corduroy and crazy prints. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an old hand in 70s styling: Here are three outfit ideas for how you can wear the trendy fashion in everyday life.

The 70s fashion: hippies, disco and utility chic

The 1968 movement of the “New Left”, student protests and the desire for more freedom: The 1970s were marked by social opposites and are still one of the defining decades for fashion: in the mid-1960s, the followers of hippie Movement the flower power fashion, to which we owe playful maxi dresses , blouses , hair bands and Co. to this day. Clothing has become a functional and individual statement (or, in the case of the hippies, the absence of textiles has become a symbol of protest), the skirts have become shorter and the cleavages have become more revealing.

Disco music also flourished in the 1970s and also left its mark on fashion: with sequin dresses and glitter , shimmering fabrics , lots of polyester and bright colors such as pink, violet and turquoise. Bell bottoms and blazers with exaggeratedly accented lapels, ultra-short mini skirts and platform shoes were born. Hair dryer waves became a hairstyling hit thanks to film stars like Farah Fawcett, Cher and Debbie Harry.

In the business fashion dominated Bow blouses , tank tops, plaid , corduroy , velvet and horn-rimmed glasses with thick frames and just as thick glasses. In addition, the one-piece developed from the classic working class into a fashionable statement piece that women suddenly slipped into: overalls in the typical utility style with patch breast pockets and wide legs or as a more elegant variant with flared legs and made of cord or fine velvet suddenly even as an office look – for example in combination with the turtleneck or stand-up collar shirts, which are also typical of the 1970s.

1970s look 1: dinner with friends

Do you want to impress your friends with your fashion sense, but the outfit should also be comfortable with a hearty meal in the stomach? Then comes an airy Seventies midi dress as if it were called: the V-neck visually stretches the neck area, the skirt in A-line gallantly surrounds the hip and belly area. A cozy coat made of teddy fur , high boots and statement earrings go well with this . The authentic glamor look is not only suitable for an evening with friends, but also for a company event where you want to do without the classic two-piece suit. In this case, choose a high-quality silk dress with a wrap look that emphasizes your advantages and at the same time looks elegant.

1970s look 2: business outfit

Women in professions with a strict dress code, such as in the insurance or finance industry, usually find it difficult to fully live out their private fashion style in the office. But even then it is possible to bring more variety into business styling with tried and tested business classics in a new interpretation and the use of accessories (and to add a touch of “Mad Men” in the office hallway).

How does business-style 70s styling work? Instead of a simple, figure-hugging trouser suit, choose a plaid model made of corduroy or pleated trousers in a retro look with an oversized cut, double-breasted blazer . Or: a mock blouse made of shimmering satin, silk or with a floral print for a pencil skirt instead of a single-colored shirt blouse with a button placket. Ankle boots with a light plateau heel and flat loafers or lace-up shoes complement the 1970s look without being too extravagant. A delicate silk scarf with a retro print matches a long-sleeved shirt, shirt or shirt blouse – and brings reduced seventies flair to your work outfit even if the dress code does not allow any other 70s trend pieces in your wardrobe.

1970s look 3: relaxed shopping spree

In autumn and winter, we like to wear items of clothing made of coarse fabrics such as velvet, cord or knit that keep you warm when shopping with your best friend and can be quickly put on and taken off in the changing room. The typical color palette of the 70s – sun or mustard yellow, orange, signal, rust and bordeaux red, violet, rich green and brown – makes your leisure look more colorful and fits perfectly in the cold season as a splash of color.

A cozy variant of the 70s trend for relaxed weekends? A casual jeans with wide legs made of dark denim for a striped shirt and the most popular sneakers of the decade: the Nike “Cortez” , into which Hollywood star Farah Fawcett also liked to slip. This goes with a flat cap in the Baker Boy style , under which you can no longer hide freshly washed hair, and a blouson jacket with a teddy fur insert that warms and provides a cool contrast to the striped long sleeve. Plus point: The high-waisted trousers cut a great figure and concealed a small tummy.


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