How To Wear The Pencil Skirt? Styles + Tips

ll fall for the pencil skirt , but you do not know (yet) how to wear or if your morphology allows you this piece glamor ultra feminine ? Good news: the pencil skirt , once synonymous with a strict businesswoman , has reinvented itself by adopting current fashion trends . Let’s go for 3 styles to help you wear the pencil skirt and some practical and morphological advice such as how to wear the rayon skirt in winter or how to wear the pencil skirt when you’re round.

3 styles to wear the pencil skirt with style

Working girl casual chic

Long colorful blazer, white t-shirt, leopard skirt, pretty pumps and presto! You are transformed into Kate Moss. And more trendy, you die! Because who will wear a long blazer this fall winter will be right in the fashion trend of the moment and the leopard print is a sure bet this year again

Sophisticated in a pencil skirt

Iconic of the glamorous feminine wardrobe, the pencil skirt is the emblem of a sophisticated, elegant and refined style. If you have decided to go out of style, wear your black pencil skirt with a pretty blouse with a lavalier collar or a slightly transparent fluid blouse with a slightly more suggestive neckline (especially for a date and more if affinity).

The pencil skirt: for which morphology?

The pencil skirt hugs your curves, from the waist down to your knees. Close to the body or even downright tight, it can accentuate small complexes such as a plump belly or love handles.

Tip # 1 if you’re round

Rest assured: you can wear a pencil skirt if you are round. Choose a lined model cut from a thick material (avoid jersey and fine knit which faithfully hugs love handles). Below, opt for high-waisted panties, a girdle or a shaping jumpsuit to fluidify your curves. The high waist skirt is made for you if you have generous hips: raising the level of your waist will lengthen your legs and therefore slim your figure.

Tip # 2 if you’re petite

If you are short, opt for a “short” model, that is to say just above the knee. A model below the knee will compress your figure: you will appear even smaller and wider.

Tip # 3 if you’re tall

If you are tall and thin, anything goes. A small downside, however, to women with a V-shaped silhouette (wide shoulders and very narrow hips). You can wear the pencil skirt as long as you widen the volume of your figure at the level of the belly to balance the volumes of your body. For example, peplum tops are perfect for you. Or a shirt / blouse worn loose.

Tip 4: Good to know with the pencil skirt

Avoid thin tights at all costs with the pencil skirt! At least during the day, especially at work. Because shiny nylon tights, especially glamorous tights with the famous straight line at the back of the calf, involve many other things than work …
But then…

Tip # 5 How to wear a pencil skirt in winter?

Several choices are available to you to wear the pencil skirt in the middle of winter. The long pencil skirt can reach mid-calf, which should keep a large part of your legs warm. Opt for lined, fine knit or silk-blend skirts for their thermoregulatory properties and wear them with high heeled boots. In the freezing cold, adopt theblack opaque tights special winter fleeces to save your legs from paralysis. In addition, they lengthen the leg for an ultra feminine refining effect.

It’s your turn…

From now on, the pencil skirt has no secrets for you. So, which version of the pencil skirt will you dare to try? Trendy working girl, sexy glamor or relaxed street style? Tell us everything in the comments and … happy shopping!

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