How To Wear Trendy Statement Necklaces

While XXL earrings conquered our jewelry box last season, statement chains will be on our shopping list in the coming spring and summer. We present three models from the current collection and the matching outfits! Dear readers, do you still remember the jewelry trends of the past season ? In autumn and winter, large cuddly earrings, sparkling bracelets and necklaces with animal charms complemented our cozy outfits. But as always, the fashion carousel turns in a different direction every new season, and that’s not a bad thing, because the latest jewelry trend is really impressive!

In spring and summer your cleavage can finally come to the fore again – and this is best achieved with statement chains. They come in many different shapes and colors, but they all have one thing in common: they are large, striking and therefore not overlooked! To ensure that you make the perfect fashion statement, we are going to introduce you to some light and airy outfits that will make you and your necklace a real eye-catcher. So be excited!

Radiantly beautiful: statement chains in blue

Blue is one of the trend colors of the season – not only in the laundry drawer , but also in the jewelry box! Our favorite: the statement chain in different shades of blue, which you can present stylishly combined in everyday life, in the office and at festive events. The colorful glass stones simply sparkle beautifully in the sun and make your eyes shine. The important thing with such an impressive accessory: choose your clothes wisely and use rather subtle colors.

In this case, we advise you to choose shades of blue or white. The white blouse from Dress In , for example, provides the perfect basis for the chain to develop its full color effect. However, if you want to stand out a little less, we recommend the dark blue blouse by Dress In with short cap sleeves. Accessories with a shiny look, such as the turquoise, rhinestone-studded toe separators and the shimmering blue shopper, then form a perfect finish.

Pretty in pink: playful statement chains

Would you like a casual outfit with a touch of glamor that your friends are guaranteed to be thrilled with the next shopping trip? We are happy to assist and advise you and recommend that you focus your look on the knotted statement necklace in silver and pink. The desired wow effect can be enhanced by combining the chain with the denim jacket with pink contrast stitching and the ¾ pants with pink print by Laura Kent . So you not only combine elegance and nonchalance, but also effortlessly create the perfect basis for your new favorite piece of jewelry. But what would an outfit be without shoes and a handbag? Give the finishing touch to your look with the pink platform sneakers from Filipe Shoes and the handbag by Emma & Kelly in bright pink.

Ahoy sailors: maritime statement chains

It’s summer, the upcoming vacation is just around the corner, flights and accommodation are booked – what is still missing is the right outfit for a sunny day on the beach promenade. How about the braided statement chain in blue, white and red? It combines all the colors that stand for the maritime and still let us reminisce after the holiday. Our tip for the rest of the outfit: stay true to the maritime motto! This is how the necklace on the white blouson by Laura Kent comes into its own and also skilfully focuses on your sun-tanned neckline. A red skirt is ideal for summer and doesn’t steal the chain.

Round off the holiday theme in style with the striped loafers with anchor application. Other accessories include a beach bag made of braided straw, in which you can store all important utensils such as wallet, keys and bath towel, as well as a large straw hat. This not only looks fabulous, but also gives you soothing shade. So you can welcome the summer! One thing is certain: we want to make a clear statement this season – and you can too! Spread your fashion message with the right combination of a striking necklace and a matching outfit. Which of the statement necklaces is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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