How We Wear The Ice Cream Tones & How The Fashion Trend Works

This is how you combine the trend color pastel : Even if it is currently called #StayHome, there is still a ray of hope that at some point we can again enjoy the spring outdoors in nature or on the street cafes. Until then, we dream of beautiful new pieces in the trend color pastel. Spring is fashionably dipped in all candy colors – from light yellow to pink and lilac to soft green and baby blue, everything is included. To match, I have put together the most beautiful dresses, blouses, pants, accessories and jackets from the online shops – plus styling tips on how to combine the pastel trend color with each other now.

Styling tips for the trend color pastel

1. The soft colors have one advantage: they really suit everyone! They particularly harmonize with darker hair or a tanned complexion – this creates a light-dark contrast. Combined with each other, pink, blue, green, etc. work perfectly together. Particularly beautiful pairs are: pink and yellow, light blue and cream, lilac and yellow, green and pink. The warm and pale colors result in a feminine and harmonious look.

2. This season, however, the trend color pastel is also used in a complete look . So a color that runs through the whole outfit. It fits perfectly in spring and also stretches the figure. For example, airy linen trousers with a sweet ruffle top are nice. Even a midi skirt with an oversize sweatshirt gives a cool look for cooler days.

3. Pastel colors can be perfectly combined in a layering look : one ice cream tone per layer. Make sure that the tones come from a color family. If you layer light on the inside, darker on the outside, a casual look is created. For example, this works well with white-cream-beige.

4. If you prefer to start the spring more subtly in the trendy pastel color , you can rely on timeless accessories . Bags, sunglasses and shoes are perfect for this. In delicate pink or cream, they are a spring-like companion.

5. Important when combining pastel colors: they don’t like the contrast to black and very dark parts – the contrast just becomes too hard. So while we have put more emphasis on all dark tones in recent months, the wardrobe can get lighter in spring. If the complete look in pastel is too much – gray and medium blue (e.g. jeans) also go well with the soft ice cream tones.

Styling Guide Style Breach: Inspiration & Styling Tips

For many of us every morning starts in front of the wardrobe. With the question: What am I going to wear today? The beige paperbag pants with the blue shirt blouse? But which shoes go with it? And now, of all times, the right blazer is being cleaned. The assembly of the wardrobe can decide all day long. Good for us: thanks to the No-Dresscode fashion trend , you can theoretically combine everything with one another – nothing has to “fit together” anymore. Brown to black, stripes to checks, chiffon to coarse cotton. Everything is allowed … actually. Because even in terms of style break, you can do something right or wrong. How does the look succeed?

Styling Guide Style break: Combat boots to midi skirt

The shoe trend of the hour that you just can’t get past: chunky XXL platform boots. The so-called Combat Boots are characterized by a thick sole and a chunky shape, you can not miss them. Instead of combining the shoes into an equally “rough” look, I put on a mix of styles and wear the boots with a feminine pleated skirt. The boots also look cool with romantic lace dresses, frills or floral prints. Because: The contrast from hard to delicate creates tension in one look. Also a go-to if you are unsure about the dress code. So you are armed for elegant and casual.

Styling Guide Style break: Leather meets lace

In terms of materials, everything is allowed with this trend. While leather used to be attributed to the punk or fetish scene, these rules have now been resolved and everyone can express themselves individually in the form of fashion. This new freedom also presents us with the challenge: Who do I want to be? The good thing: You don’t have to make a decision. Feminine at the top, punk at the bottom or the other way around? A pair of lederhosen looks nice, broken with a feminine blouse with ruffle or valance details. Combine this with a blazer and the look is even suitable for business!

Styling Guide Style break: press jeans

There were times when I avoided jeans because the popular pants were too “boring” for me. But for some time now I have discovered new styles that make jeans look completely different. The mix of styles is also responsible for this. When denim is catapulted from its original working image, cool street styles emerge. Like here: I wear straight jeans with elegant high heels, a casual sweater and a streetwear-inspired cap. Three different styles meet here. All of this together gives me a really cool and new look. What do you say?

Styling Guide Style break: Business meets street wear

Last but not least, I want to show you an office look that I break with sneakers. For this I put on a classic wool shirt with a bow and combine it to a pencil skirt in the same tone. What looks very classic at first glance is broken with my shoes. The 90s sneakers do not fit this business outfit at first, but ultimately they give it exactly the tension that I wanted to achieve with the change in style. The pink bag and gold jewelry complete the look. As you can see: Even what supposedly doesn’t fit can now be carried together. Perfect for casual Friday or to meet friends after work.


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