This Is How You Combine Shorts In Autumn – Without Freezing

Can’t part with your beloved shorts in the cold season? You don’t have to either! We’ll tell you how you can still stylishly combine your most beautiful models in autumn, without freezing.┬áSummer is already far behind us and winter is within our grasp, but we can’t really say goodbye to our favorite shorts, which have served us this year. But don’t worry, because need while we have to say goodbye to one or the other piece of clothing for the next few months, we can wear some of our favorite summer pieces through the cooler season ( here you will find the best styling tips for your summer parts in autumn ). This also includes our beloved shorts, where the right combination is all that matters in autumn and winter. How the right styling works, with which you are cozy, warm and fashionable at the same time, we will tell you here.

Bermuda shorts with a blazer

Trendy mom shorts have graced our legs in summer and we can’t get past the it-pieces in autumn either. In contrast to skimpy jeans shorts, they have the advantage that they are a little longer and made of thicker material so that we don’t freeze so easily. If it should be too cold, simply wear medium-thick nylon tights (which are currently super stylish with a print) underneath. On mild autumn days you can combine it with an oversize blazer , but the rule is: courage to use color!

Leather shorts with high boots

“Leather, leather, leather are all my clothes” secretly seems to be the motto of fashionistas everywhere. No wonder, because it is well known that the rough material keeps you super warm . Models with tie belts and paperbag waists are particularly popular at the moment . These accentuate the hips and are particularly advantageous if you are wearing a thick sweater. In order not to freeze, you should definitely choose boots that come down to the knee or even over knees , because these cover a lot of skin and conjure up a look inspired by the sixties.

Biker shorts with sneakers and blazers

Do you prefer the sporty look? No problem! You can also style sneakers super nice with shorts in autumn, especially with biker models you will look casual cool. A trendy oversized blazer or coat that influencers currently love too creates a cool break in style and makes the look look elegant. You can find the most beautiful sneakers under 60 euros here !

Knitting variants for the shacket

If there’s one thing you can’t imagine doing without this season, it’s the trend material knitwear. This comes in all possible designs and, luckily for us, also in the form of shorts. The talk untenrum particularly warm. Their mostly tight-fitting cut also provides a great contrast to the wide shacket . Finally, rough boots skilfully complete this look . Here, too, the following applies: Before you get a bladder infection , you should wear tights . A little tip: it gets really stylish with a patterned model!

Jeans shorts with knitted sweaters

This look is also a real eye-catcher, in which the sweater in cool knitting patterns and colors is in the foreground. Should you go for a statement top , it’s better to keep the rest of the outfit sleek. Light blue denim shorts give a clear view of the legs, emphasize them and look extra sexy. Pumps provide the wow factor that everyone has been waiting for. This makes the look even suitable for the holidays.


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