How You Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe Again

This feeling of having nothing to wear regularly drives you crazy – not even the full drawers can convince you otherwise at this moment. Blogging on my blog and on Instagram made this feeling worse for me, because I constantly had the feeling that nothing was suitable enough for this or that occasion. Since I was annoyed by this condition, I thought about how I could fall in love with my wardrobe again. I would now like to share this strategy with you.

Regularly And Mercy

In the meantime I clean out my closet at least every 2 months. I need a lot less time in the morning to put together an outfit. What things should you sort out?

  • that don’t give you self-confidence
  • with stains, holes or other defects
  • in which you feel uncomfortable or restricted
  • where you think “I might like that again in 3 years”

You could sell, donate or throw things away – the main thing is that they leave your closet.

Storage Correctly

Everyone has open compartments in their closets, where most of the things are hanging or lying that are often put on. But who doesn’t know them, the many drawers that are so stuffed that it almost makes you a little afraid to open them. Where do you go first? No wonder you forget what treasures are still in the closet if you always use the same things.

So that I also pay a little more attention to the “worse” stowed clothes, you should move your closet around often. The things that are at the top and that I have worn very often come down into the depths of the drawers.

Get An Opinion

How about, for example, a funny girls’ evening where you clear out your closet and put together a few outfits? There are several advantages: you will surely get to know a few new outfit combinations and at the same time have a reason to reorganize your clothes the next day. It is best to capture the new outfit ideas directly with photos.

Quality Not Quantity

I once read that about 70% of the clothes you own are only in the closet. Spending more money on quality and buying 2 parts less is ultimately the better decision. In the end, you probably regret the cheap part that you only took with you because of the price. You can also support fair fashion brands and at the same time do something for sustainability in the fashion world. By the way, I also had to learn. I was one of the girls who wanted to have a lot of clothes and therefore bought cheaply. In general, you should ask yourself the following questions before a part ends up in the shopping cart: Do I really need it? How many times can I put it on? Would I be upset tonight if I didn’t buy it?

Time For New

If you really want to change something in your style, you shouldn’t rush to the next department store without a plan. Make a small mood board with lots of outfit ideas beforehand. Pinterest is particularly well suited for this. So you can search for a few outfits in the shop. It’s best to take a friend with you to get an honest opinion.
How do you solve the “I have nothing to wear” problem?


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