Invisible Lingerie: This Bra Doesn’t Show A Bit Under Clothing

There is hardly anything more uncomfortable than when the bra shows unsightly under the clothes. Fortunately, we have now discovered a model that is completely invisible and reduced by up to 50 percent as part of the early Black Friday sales. Buying a bra takes most of us to the edge of insanity all too often, because after trying on countless styles in too narrow and stuffy changing rooms, you still haven’t found the right one. Ultimately, many pieces simply do not fit perfectly, do not offer the necessary support or cut in uncomfortably, which in turn can be seen unattractively under clothing.

However, you shouldn’t let such disappointments get you down when buying lingerie ( which, by the way, most women make a certain mistake ). After all, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that is exactly what we have now discovered. Between the endless widths of bras, bralettes and bustiers on the shelves and online shopswe found a bra that fits perfectly and is completely invisible under clothing. In addition, it is currently still up to 50 percent discounted and a real bargain.

This bra on sale is absolutely invisible under clothing

Of course, we don’t want to keep you tense: we’re talking about the “Zero Feel” model of the underwear brand Sloggi, which is currently available on Amazon in selected sizes and colors, such as S in the shade papaya for 16 instead of 35 euros can shop 50 percent cheaper . But now the question naturally arises, what makes this bra different from all the others? The special thing about this item is its workmanship, because it comes completely without seams , which only rub uncomfortably with many other bras, and ultimately also look unattractive under particularly tight or thin clothing and make the outfit look less stylish in an instant.

In combination with the soft and very light material, which has 30 percent elastane and thus adapts perfectly to the curves of every woman , on the one hand the part appears invisible under your clothes and on the other hand it creates a feeling as if you weren’t wearing any underwear . Exactly what every lady wants from the perfect bra. The slight push-up effect – without any constricting temples – rounds off the profile of this model and also conjures up a beautiful cleavage.

But not only we are enthusiastic about the quality of the “Zero Feel” model from Sloggi, the comfortable and invisible bra also scores with other women as the perfect all-rounder for everyday life across the board. With four and a half stars and reviews like: ” Really brilliant. It doesn’t pinch anything, it doesn’t slip, nothing appears … I’m totally happy.

Didn’t think that I would ever find what I was looking for and that it really is an alternative to the underwire bra there. “, or” I’m thrilled. Today it arrived, unpacked, dressed …. a dream. Sits great, I hardly feel it, nowhere a pinch or pinch. I will definitely get this again. Can I really recommend it with no ifs and buts.”It is one of the absolute bestsellers among bras. The long search for the perfect brassiere is finally over and we can use our time better than spending it in stuffy changing rooms.

Do you now also want to move the invisible model into your laundry drawer? In our picture gallery we have linked the different sizes of the “Zero Feel” model for you to shop afterwards!

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