Trend Preview: It Will Come, It Will Stay, It Will Work In Winter

Are you ready to make your wardrobe suitable for winter? We’ll show you the most important trends of the season and reveal which winter fashion you can wear from last year and which items should be sorted out!¬†Whew, a new season is just around the corner! Even if we are a little sad to gradually leave our favorite season – autumn – behind us , we can still hardly wait to fill our wardrobe with a few even cuddly and warmer items.

Although winter brings with it some pitfalls, so we can actually never be quite sure whether it is a mild 10 or more icy 0 degrees Celsius outside, and you cannot currently say with any certainty how the next ones will be Months, we are quite sure of one thing: what will be the trend this winter. Coats , sweaters , boots – We were diligently inspired by our favorite street style stars and figured out which parts should be mucked out in the upcoming phase of change, which pieces can remain in winter and which items are allowed to move in with us.

This is coming: shearling jackets, statement knitwear, oversized trousers

Teddy materials are actually an issue every winter – but while we used to wear (faux) shearling pieces as long coats that reached down to the knees last year, we now focus on short models. The motto here is: the more classic, the more elegant. So come on with the jackets in the natural wool tone – they are guaranteed to become all-rounders who will still be on the “That’ll stay” list next winter . What do we wear underneath? Knit of course! Wool sweaters in brightly colored colors and patterns are the season’s trend pieces and use coarse knit wear his staid image.

Instead, the cozy pieces mutate into real statements and convince with cheerful stripes in bang and rainbow nuances. Even the jeans of course, remains relevant, but is now in the cold season as long high-waist version supported. It already convinced us before and at the fashion shows of Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is why we have been looking forward to welcoming the casual, uncomplicated and super long look into our wardrobe for months.

That remains: Combat boots , oversized blazers, mini crossbody bags

As early as autumn, we were only too happy to put our feet in sturdy, high shoes such as combat boots . Fortunately, we don’t have to say goodbye to that in winter either. They convince us with a grippy and thick profile sole , with which we can walk on the streets without any danger over the first frost. In addition, the coarse decorations in the form of buckles and high zippers also currently offer a cool contrast to thick winter coats, while their dark materials remain insensitive despite rain and snow. Another classic that can get stuck : oversize blazers. So far they have convinced us with their timeless and robust earth tones and also offer a stylish layering look in the continental European winter, which protects against milder cold. What is still missing after shoes, jackets and sweaters? Accessories, of course. Here we stick to mini cross body bags , as these offer a cool contrast to tough boots and overcut jackets and we only need small bags in a winter that will be characterized by online shopping .

That works: see-through blouses, overalls, skinny jeans

Now that we have revealed which parts can stay in the closet or which can be moved in, we must of course also create a little space. Even if we prefer not to leave any items against us, we have to admit that some items of clothing just don’t go well with the season. These include: overalls, skinny jeans, and sheer blouses. While the see-through blouses are simply too airy for the icy and windy season and unintentionally reveal any corona bacon rolls, overalls are simply obsolete. The one-piece suits are simply a symbol of the warm season and, in contrast, simply impractical in winter. Also skinny jeans have it – and to be honest, have somehow always had it – difficult. The only tight pants we even want to consider this year are and will be the leggings. That is why, if we are in the mood for “proper” legwear, we prefer comfortable models (see “This is coming”) that still promise a narrow waist and firm bottom . Other alternatives for the discarded parts? Knitted dresses and white blouses .


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