Jacket Trends Most Beautiful Models And Combinations

Summer gives us so much sun and so hot temperatures that we start to miss wearing beautiful jackets. Here is a preview of the most beautiful jacket trends that await us in autumn 2020. This year autumn comes mixed with the familiar and the new. The darker season with trend colors such as red and ultra-violet is not guaranteed to be dreary, and materials such as tweed and extras such as fringes or flounces ensure an extra portion of style.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets will remain with us in autumn 2018 with their characteristic wide shape and the cuffs on the hips and wrists . The trend is also simply a sure-fire success, because bomber jackets (also known as aviator or pilot jackets) are wonderfully versatile and also comfortable. The autumn and winter versions of the classic keep you warm depending on the strength of the feeding and look stylish with any outfit.

How to combine it:

Bomber jackets can apply due to their voluminous and not close-fitting shape. Therefore, the body silhouette can be combined by combinations with more tight-fitting items of clothing such as midi pencil skirts. But this is by no means a must: bomber jackets also look great with wide-swinging skirts or dresses .

Long bomber jackets

Long, longer – autumn trends 2018: Long bomber jackets follow the coat trends of the autumn / winter season of this year and are particularly happy to show themselves long. The new trend jacket extends at least to the bottom, which can sometimes be long enough to be reminiscent of a coat. This update of the tried and tested bomber jacket comes in very handy for us because it flatters the figure and keeps it even warmer.

How to combine it:

The long bomber jacket, like the short version, goes very well with sporty or rocky looks: leggings are suitable for walking through the jacket, because the long jacket takes some of the explosiveness of the controversial garment. Whether sneakers or biker boots: long bomber jackets can be wildly combined and do not say no to style breaks with elegant tight dresses or wide Marlene pants .

Wool blazers or tweed jackets

What was once considered staid will finally be hip again in 2018: this year, wool blazers will inspire us particularly with plaid patterns and long oversize shapes, while tweed will impress with its striking colors, but also with a particularly classic touch. The fabric, which was originally intended to protect against the harsh Scottish weather, will appear this autumn in an extroverted manner in the form of mostly short and boxy jackets with striking decorations.

How to combine it:

The checkered long wool blazers love masculine style breaks with puristic looks: palazzo pants with a high waist, very little filigree jewelry or a men’s watch with rolled up sleeves are a style guarantee here.
The 2018 tweed jackets , on the other hand, invite you to playful combinations. Pants in the style of the 70s, which have a valance on the leg, or skirts matching the jacket are the runners here. If you want to let the colorful tweed speak for itself: in combination with a white t-shirt and jeans, a tweed jacket is more than an eye-catcher.

Capes and ponchos

These two trends are the best friends of every woman who likes to snuggle up and love it comfortably. The two flap-like jackets fit every figure and are available both in a noble and glamorous form and as casual boho models. The former go particularly well with elegant stylings, while the latter are compatible with all hippie and cowboy trend pieces from 2018.

How to combine it:

The bad news first: sporty is rather difficult with capes and ponchos, but: casual, for example, is always possible with cozy wool ponchos or caps. If you like it elegant, combine capes with side slits for the arms to long gloves, tight midi dresses or skirts.

Fake fur and teddy fur

What jackets can do, the jacket has been able to do for a long time: like their long-time relatives, jackets like to show themselves openly cozy in fake fur and teddy fur in 2018. This not only looks plush, but also ensures a particularly high feel-good factor. If you want to be trendy , you don’t have to suffer or freeze, because fake fur and teddy fur keep you warm and look totally stylish at the same time.

How to combine it:

Plush applies – there is no way around this fact. If you want to minimize the effect, wear the narrow-cut tops and bottoms with the plush jackets. Since our cuddly companions are really noticeable, you can hold back on the rest of the outfit: tone-on-tone combinations, little jewelry and at most subtle patterns are a nice option here. But those who like to experiment should not be stopped: only what you can and cannot do is shown by experiment.

Leather jackets

This trend is and remains immortal: in autumn 2018, leather jackets like to decorate themselves with teddy fur or embellishments such as embroidery or fringes. There are hardly any limits in terms of color: Those who like to be trendy on the go: Red or the trend color Ultra Violet are ideal for a wow effect.

How to combine it:

Leather jackets are all-round talents, because with them no outfit is boring and they actually go with everything. Other trends in 2018 can be picked up particularly well in combination with animal prints, fringes or flared jeans in the style of the 60s. For a night outfit, a leather jacket with a boho dress and at least calf-high boots is ideal. A casual everyday look, on the other hand, is best created with an oversize sweater and leggings.


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