Jacket Trends The Must-haves Of The Season

If something really makes you want autumn, it is probably the new jacket trends. And there are many things to discover in the fall / winter season 2019. So if your wardrobe isn’t ready for the end of summer, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled the most beautiful jacket trends 2019 and show you some of the editorial favorites.

Autumn jackets 2019: from classic to cozy

The 2019 jacket trends leave plenty of room for individuality, because they are colorful and single-colored, short and long, mini and XXL – only one thing they are not: boring. With our shopping tips you can secure the most beautiful jackets and coats for the autumn days.

Trench coats: autumn jackets for your unique look

The timeless fashion classic also makes a big appearance this autumn. Whether a trench coat with a checked pattern, in a statement look or in a patchwork design – everything is allowed in the 2019 fashion trends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a feminine, figure-hugging cut. Trench coats in oversize and in men’s style are currently conquering street styles. There is also a wide variety of colors: from natural, muted tones to unusual, squeaky-colored colors, everything is included.

Classic trench coat from ASOS

Many chic trench coats are waiting for you at ASOS. One of them is the smart coat in beige . It not only looks chic, but also only costs 55 euros, which is budget-friendly. The investment will quickly do more than just pay off. This transition jacket goes really well with every outfit and every occasion – including envious looks.

Orsay checked trench coat

With this trench coat from Orsay you do everything right. The feminine coat in beige and with gray-red checks will quickly become your new favorite coat. Equipped with side pockets and decorative flaps, it looks classic and modern at the same time. With the waist belt of the trench coat, you can bring your curves to the fore and always look gorgeous. The coat costs you only 59.99 euros – you don’t have to think long about it.

Styling tips for trench coats: As an all-rounder, the trench coat can be worn wonderfully with many outfits. Whether with jeans and a white shirt or a serious business look – you can’t go wrong with a trench coat. For a casual look, you can wear the coat with sneakers or combine it with pumps to create an elegant, feminine outfit.

Teddy jackets: time to cuddle

If you want it to be particularly soft and cozy this fall, you can’t avoid the teddy jackets, which have not only been one of the most popular transition jackets for autumn since this year. And these are our super soft favorites:

Cute teddy jacket from floor

In the Boden online shop, this cozy jacket in cheerful blue is waiting for you. With push buttons and the two patch pockets, it looks playful and brings color to your outfit. You can wear the jacket as a splash of color with a monochrome outfit or provide pieces in different colors for a motley look. You can get the chic teddy jacket for 170 euros.

H&M teddy fleece coat

The cream-colored teddy coat , which you can buy at H&M for 69.99 euros , comes a little more subtle, but no less cozy . The coat reaches to the knees and provides cozy warmth when worn. In the large side pockets there is plenty of space for everything you always want to have with you. The wide lapel is an eye-catcher that keeps you warm in any weather.

Styling tips for transition jackets with teddy fleece: Your teddy jacket looks particularly cute in combination with a wool hat and sneakers. Your teddy fleece coat looks really good on boots and pants with a leather look. You can also wear scarves and scarves wonderfully – and set effective accents with cleverly chosen colors.


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