Jewellery Styling Tips To Make You Look Slimmer Instantly

Do you ever wonder what wonders jewellery could do? It is a necessity that every girl must own. Jewellery in our lives has become so indispensable that without it, it seems like something is really missing from our style. Jewellery is just something that actually speaks volumes about who we actually are. The best part about jewellery is everyone has their own style. Jewellery styling is an art that not most of us have our expertise in. We have to know one basic foundation principle of balancing our jewellery out with our clothes.

The type of jewellery that you wear is going to tell how it is going to frame your body and how it will make you look. There are few pieces that might make you look thinner and there are few that can add up to your weight. Making a wise decision about your jewellery therefore will affect your whole appearance. One little mistake and you are ought to look more bloated than you actually are. Therefore balancing jewellery is like walking on the edge of a knife. If you try to induce some tips and tricks into your mind you will never end up making mistakes.

1. Dainty jewellery can bring about a lot of change

Sometimes we do not know that dainty jewellery can actually do miracles to our entire style. It is necessary to know that even if you do not buy them in gold or silver they still end up looking real. Are you afraid that it would not show up? Well you can actually add up the pieces. For example you are wearing a small chain and it does not show up then you can add more similar chains like that and make them pop. This rule is important because it will never bulk up how much you ever try.

2. Using small chains to make you look more feminine

If you want your collar bones to show up then there is no other way then to add a simple chain to your neck. If you want your wrist to show up then use some dainty chain bracelets to show off your wrists. If you want your face to look slimmer go for long earrings that are going to elongate the face and make it look thinner. It is all about proportions of the body that you have to keep in mind.

3. When your arms are bulky go with bangles or bracelets

Do not ever go with an armlet. If you have bulky arms armlets will bulk up your arms even more. Therefore to distract your flabby arms you have to either go with bangles or bracelets. You can use these on one hand and the other hand you can go with a watch with a bigger dial. The whole concentration will move towards your wrists and hence you will automatically look slimmer. You have to know what works best for you.

4. Waist belts are going to help you to synch your waist

If you want to draw attention to your waist and give yourself some faux curves then using a waist belt is a very good option. It will make you look thinner and give you those curves you have always dreamed off. A bulky waist belt will look good on traditional sarees and thin waist belt will make you look more chic in any outfit. You can pair a thin waist belt with an ethnic wear or western wear. This is one piece of jewellery that is going to affect your entire outfit.


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