Jewelry Trends That Should Not Be Missing In Any Jewelry Box

The famous trend researchers predicted during her visit to Berlin in June that our head, neck and shoulders will be more in focus in the future in terms of fashion. Because it is what we see on selfies. The result is elaborate collars, bows, stressed shoulders, headgear and lots of jewelry. The current jewelry trends 2017 are evident in (XXL) pearls, large hoops, trendy chokers, mast gold as well as mixed and statement earrings. The tendency towards opulent and extraordinary pieces of jewelry is visible. And that’s why I don’t just want to address the biggest jewelry trends today, I also want to give you the right jewelry to go shopping with

Hoop earrings

Most of us should already know the fashion trend hoop earrings (or creoles) from the 1990s and early 2000s. Back then, the big round earrings bobbed up and down with stars like Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé in their hottest music videos. The eye-catching pieces of jewelry were quickly indispensable. In the past few years, however, they have completely disappeared and were considered to be “trashy” and not really chic. Creoles are currently celebrating their big comeback.

But they are no longer worn with a lot of rhinestones or bright colors, but in a very simple variant. With small details, high quality workmanship and preferably in gold.I personally find the drop-shaped models particularly beautiful. They differ somewhat from the normal round shape, and thus become a noble marriage catcher on the ear. Tip: Because of their slightly oval design, teardrop-shaped creoles are also ideal for round face shapes.

Choker 2.0

The current necklace layering knows no limits. What is allowed is what you like and how much the neck can wear 🙂 When combining several chains, a nice choker is usually part of it. It is worn at the top and introduces the chain ensemble. But it also makes a lot as a single piece of jewelry. From very fine to extra wide. The band width varies and the different designs meanwhile offer something for every taste. These can be very simple or a little more eye-catching with multiple trailers or a large element. I honestly had to get used to this trend for quite a while. In the meantime, he seldom wears it, but when he does, he loves it. In everyday life, preferably with white basic shirts, which are enhanced by the choker. Historically, the choker has been around since the 15th century! There he first appeared as an accessory and costume jewelry.

Hammered gold

Gold is not only a trendsetter in the living area (as I reported to you in this interior blog post about golden living accessories here ) , but also when it comes to jewelry. The precious metal looks particularly beautiful on the ear and has a slightly tanned summer skin. My absolute favorite right now are very fine, filigree designs in gold leaf look (hammered). They can be ideally combined both during the day and in the evening, because they look just as good for a simple look as for an evening dress. Tip: In the meantime, there are also beautifully crafted costume jewelry or pieces that are slightly gold-plated, but still affordable – so it doesn’t always have to be real gold

Mixed earrings

The combination and wearing of earrings of different lengths or two completely different earrings is the 2017 jewelry trend par excellence. Admittedly, it initially takes a little effort to wear two different earrings. As soon as one has given in to the little jewelry experiment, however, the last uncertainty disappears. And for a good reason: it just looks super cool and stylish. The two earrings usually complement each other perfectly in length and shape. In this case, too, my favorites are in gold and are dominated by trendy spherical and circular shapes. In general I prefer gold jewelry because I think it fits my skin tone best :)Tip: If you want it to be a bit more eye-catching, you can easily use designs in which the (length) difference between the earrings is particularly striking.

Statement earrings

One of my personal favorite trends is statement earrings in a light folklore shape ( here I’ve already shot an elegant look with tassel earrings for you) . Tasseln are the ideal companions for summer outfits. They can be combined to a chic top or dress, and also harmonize perfectly with a strong lipstick. It is particularly nice for the overall picture if the eye-catching earrings pick up one of the colors from your look. To make an additional statement, simply tie the hair back in summer with a silk scarf and then add the large earrings.

Pearls and balls

Fashionable definitely a well-rounded affair! No matter whether as a chain with a spherical pendant, as a noble gold plate, as a ring ad-on or dangling round our ears: balls and pearls are currently omnipresent. This season nothing works without the round companions in gold or silver. An indication of this? The rounded details can currently also be found on bags from designer labels.

In the jewelry area, spheres and circular elements are a nice mixture of playfulness and futuristic form. Pearls are also my favorite. If they used to be old-fashioned and stuffy, you will experience a small revival this year (also as a decorative element on many items of clothing and shoes). But also in the form of chains, earrings, rings or bracelets – pearls are absolutely trendy. The selection ranges from freshwater pearls to artificial pearls.

Everything can be worn, because the authenticity or falseness can often not be seen with the naked eye. Fashionable, unusual designs such as pearls in combination with geometric shapes or as a cool ear cuff are modern and easy to combine. The choice of color and size is endless. I personally like to go for the classic white to cream-colored version

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