Karan Johar Is The Current Generation Fashion Sensation

If you are thinking that Ranveer Singh is the current fashion sensation then you might have not checked out filmmaker Karan Johar’s looks. He is making sure that people believe age is just a number, the filmmaker’s Instagram is just flowing with every kind of fashion and style. There is nothing that Kjo might not pull off from blingy blazers to sporty airport looks he is doing it all and we are happily surprised to see this change in his style. He has made his looks a topic to debate on, while some are not a fan of his style and fashion sense some are going crazy about it.

He is one of the most successful directors of the country and not only that he is very famous for his talk show that often gives us Bollywood gossips. There are very few men who embrace the 40s the way Karan is doing it, from his choice of suits, jackets, shoes or even sunglasses he is giving a tough competition to the youngsters. He is unapologetically himself and is never scared to grab a style that might not be conventional for the public.

1. Blings and blazers

Karan has been spotted multiple times wearing blazers for the red carpet, award shows and also for his talk show. We all know by now how much he is fond of blings and prints, KJo wore a blue blingy blazer that shined more than the stars. There are very few people who know how to carry an extra bling and Karan is definitely one among them.

2. Funky shoes

Talk about Karan johar and miss his collection of funky shoes? How can it be possible, he is spotted wearing funky shoes that only he can carry. The filmmaker opted for Gucci shoes that are of great design and had text written on the sneakers. He paired it with a t-shirt and denim. He kept the outfit minimal and casual but the shoes stole the thunder and people were gushing over it for a few weeks.


3. Sunglasses

Now coming to the sunglasses that he chooses those are quite larger than his face shape but he picks up those and we are all aware of the pout selfies that he posts in his social media account. Karan is very experimental with his sunglasses as well, he has been spotted opting for many shaped sunn glasses other than the usual ones. He is very particular about his accessories and makes sure it goes with the entire outfit.

4. Bright colors for fun

Karan Johar has the best collection of colorful outfits, trust us on that. we have seen his wearing multicolored jackets, bright red and pink colored blazers and also a full bright monochromatic outfit. He absolutely likes to play with colors in his outfits and he is clearly obsessed with them. He is known for his elaborately colored and printed outfits that not only look appealing but also grabs everyone’s attention in the room. So if you want to add colors to your outfit take inspiration from him.

5. Embroidery and prints are a yes

Whether it is embroidery or prints Karan Johar grabs it all, he opted for a black colored heavily embroidered sherwani for the most awaited wedding of b-town that is Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor. The filmmaker kept his look extremely bold and gorgeous. He grabbed people’s attention with his statement wear, he recently said in an interview that going over the top is his mantra of fashion. So go big or go home is what KJo believes.


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