Kim Kardashian Donning The Biker Shorts Look And How?

Bored with your denim look? we got you covered. The new biker shorts look are all over the internet, you must have seen Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and the Jenner sisters in one of these. Earlier the cycling shorts or as you may call it the biker shorts were brought in trend by princesses Diana back in the 1990s. we never thought we would see them back but thanks to the celebrities and brands like off-white, alexander wang and dolce and Gabbana who have brought them back in life. Talking of biker shorts no one can ignore the fashion icon, Kim Kardashian.

You must have seen her wear these biker shorts everywhere, starting from red carpet events to lazy days at home. Kim has even recently launched her new clothing line Skims that is a wide variety of shapewear garments and is making sure everybody gets a perfect figure to ace their look. She is really taking the biker shorts trend to the next level with her stunning experimental outfits. If you are someone looking for inspiration and ways to style your biker shorts and rock them as Kim does then here are a few of our favorite biker shorts looks from Kim Kardashian’s closet that might help you get an inspiration-

1. Make it your everyday style

Kim giving us major body goals as she flaunts her body so effortlessly. No doubt this is one of our favorite looks, and the best part is anyone can pull this off. Kim was spotted wearing a white tank top paired with black biker shorts and threw a blue denim jacket on top with her hair straight and open, and opted for transparent tie-up heels.

2. White shorts

Kim definitely slayed the look with her ashy blond hair color. Mrs west very well knows how to make a style statement, she perfectly paired the white shorts with a grey cami top and a charcoal grey jacket. She completed the look by wearing grey heels and her tanned body compliments the outfit. This look could be perfect for your everyday summer outfit.

3. Kim goes all monochromatic

If you are a fan of “keeping up the Kardashians” then you know what look I am talking about. You must have seen Kim wear similar outfits, seems like her favorite look. This is a very simple look yet shows off all the curves beautifully. Kim looks stunning in grey biker shorts paired with a dark grey sweatshirt along with black heels, she accessorized by wearing a similar shade sunglasses.

4. Feeling sexy in biker shorts

Biker shorts are usually worn to feeling comfortable or during sports but Mrs west proves us wrong but pulling off this fabulous lacy biker shorts look. lacey biker shorts are a very good alternative for skirts and denim shorts when going to a club. Kim Kardashian takes the biker shorts look from casual to sexy. She looks gorgeous in this white shorts with lace detailing and a silver bralette paired with a white full-sleeved top, to finish the look she added a white lace-up heel.

5. Biker shorts blossom in japan

Kim goes all edgy with her style in Japan. Kim’s anime-inspired pink color hair really made her look like an anime character. Kim Kardashian was spotted on the streets of japan taking pictures for her campaign and as usual, she looked fantastic in her black biker shorts with some detailing on it and wore a black turtle neck full-sleeved top underneath the crop windbreaker, she also wore golden knee-length boots which made the outfit stand out.

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