Knee High Boots Are Back!

They had long been forgotten, but now they are making a huge comeback: knee-high boots. Just in time for fashion winter, We Maxdio explains the trend and reveals how best to wear it. Who would have thought that? After the last winter over knees triggered a surprising hype, this season is a real classic on our must-buy lists: the knee-high boots. The most striking feature – as the name suggests – is that it ends just below the knee.

In addition to the classic model – flat and made of black leather – the boot is now often in a 60s and 70s look with a rounded tip and block heels. But it is also available in a pointed 80s shape, with laces, in a metallic look or with fringes. What is new is above all light leather tones, which we particularly like. What is the coolest way to style the models? Here are the five most important rules for the winter trend:

Minis for the maxi effect

If you have slim legs, wear a short A-line dress or flared mini skirts with a retro design with block heels and a round toe. So that it doesn’t look cheap, it’s best to combine a high-necked blouse or a turtleneck. Make sure that the shoes are kept as simple as possible. Because everything that visually interrupts the leg compresses the silhouette. If you like the combo casual-sexy, you can go for sportier boots with a wide shaft, mini skirt plus long fleece sweater or a casual oversize coat.

Bright colors attract each other

Knee-high boots in light tones such as stone gray, beige or light blue are the absolute insider tip among trendsetters. Only wear clothing that comes from the same, bright color family. This is how you look five years younger. Tone-on-tone outfits such as light suede boots, pencil skirt and a well-cut blazer are also great for the office because they look serious and cool at the same time.

Midi length is elegant The combination of knee-high, feminine boots with knee to calf-length skirts or dresses is grown-up and elegant. Lace dresses get a boho touch with brown retro boots. Pointed 80s boots become business-friendly if you add a loose-fitting coat. Important: The boot hem must disappear under the skirt hem!

The more striking the boots, the simpler the clothes Shoes that draw everyone’s attention require reserved clothing. Everything else looks quickly overloaded. Metallic boots, for example, go well with bright tone-on-tone outfits during the day and little black dresses in the evening. So the shoes can develop their full effect. Accentuate with delicate jewelry or an eye-catcher handbag .

Pants must be short

First of all: The days when we put jeans in our boots are finally over. Knee-high boots are worn with casual bermudas or calf-length trousers with wide legs. With shorts it is important that the boots are casual and flat and not too sexy. Culottes made of tweed or leather in turn tolerate more elegant or eye-catching boots such as those with a python leather look.

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