Ladies, Take a Look At These Coats

The temperatures are slowly but surely falling, the favorite denim jacket can’t do much anymore and we have to resort to chubby alternatives. But how do you protect yourself from the cold and wind as stylishly as possible? With a chic coat! We shows which models are particularly popular this fall. Coats have a rather classic image, but that will be mixed up a lot this year. Although timeless, straight cuts are still used, the focus is on eye-catching patterns and less classic materials such as vinyl or plush so that this doesn’t get too boring. The coat as a real fashion statement!

Buffer coats

If the classic wool coat is too cool and, above all, too boring, you can use the padded jacket in its XXL version this season. The trendy coats are called “Puffer Coats”, which admittedly remind a little of Michelin men. The trend pieces do little for the figure, but they keep you warmer and look super stylish, especially in the calf-length version:

Plaid coats

This trend is nothing unusual at first, because if there is a pattern that simply fits the fall, then it is definitely plaid. No matter whether houndstooth, glen check or small check – the geometric pattern is omnipresent, and rightly so: in classic checks, women always look timelessly elegant and well dressed. This makes the plaid coat one of those parts that every fashionista should have in the closet.

If this is too classic for you, there are plenty of cool alternatives this year: checkered coats with fringed hem, oversized models or wild color combinations. Even the right styling partners can pimp up the simple plaid coat, for example the trendy combination of classic plaid to leo pattern or even more plaid. There is (almost) nothing that doesn’t fit the classics among the trend coats!

Teddy plush

Everyone who is actually freezing around the clock can be happy: teddy-plush coats are extremely popular again this autumn. While last winter especially black and brown teddy jackets were worn up and down by the fashion professionals, this year gaudy plush jackets are conquering the streets – and they are a real statement. Where bright colors and XXL volume come together, it makes perfect sense to press the brakes a bit on the rest of the outfit and choose a simple look for a cozy coat.

As cozy as the cozy trendy jacket is, it has a big catch: because of the voluminous fabric and the figure-hugging shape, it is anything but a flattering figure. So if you want to get a teddy coat, you have to accept that it optically cheats a few pounds more on the ribs. The XXL coat compresses especially for smaller women . To counteract this, only heels or monochrome combinations help, i.e. a complete outfit in the same tones as the jacket. This stretches optically and is not only flattering, but above all extremely stylish.

Long coats

Long, longer, autumn coats : If it is up to the designers , coats cannot be long enough this season. The fashionistas’ favorite coats reach at least to the middle of the calf, if not a few centimeters above the floor. Here, masculine-looking models with strong shoulders and straight cuts are used.

Leather and vinyl coats

Long leather coats have a shady image? That is passé! In trenchcoat form in particular, leather and vinyl are on the rise and are even upgrading basic outfits in no time at all. However, caution is required when styling: in principle, everything goes under a black trench, but especially when the material is glossy, the rest can be a bit calmer. With an all-black combination you definitely don’t go wrong, other statement pieces should only be used discreetly:
One thing is certain: leather coats and vinyl trench shoes are not exactly inconspicuous and must therefore be worn with confidence. If the leather jacket in its long version is too much for you, you should stick to the classic biker jacket with plush lining.


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