Ladies, We Need These Shoes

Autumn is just around the corner and with it a huge selection of new shoe trends: everything from chic lace-up ankle boots with fine heels to rough biker boots is included. We shows which models will carry us through leaves and mud this year.

Cowboy boots

Formerly called a fashion sin, cowboy boots are now one of the biggest fashion trends of the season and are no longer worn just for riding, but also on the world’s catwalks. The classic boots come with a pointed shoe cap, decorative stitching, bevelled block heel and a wide shaft that extends far beyond the ankle. The boots are combined like classic ankle boots: they really go with everything! Together with a maxi floral dress , a stylish cowgirl look is created, with jeans the style is particularly casual.

Even if it has always been an unwritten fashion law that the pants are worn in and not over the boots, this year is different, especially with the flared pants worn over them, cowboy boots cut a good figure – in the truest sense of the word Word. The combination of wide-leg trousers with the same-colored cowboy boot with a pointed shoe cap and heel stretches optically!

Of course, the pants can still be inserted into the ankle boot – but then caution is required with the rest of the styling. Cowboy boots with skinny jeans and a checked shirt look more like a theme party than a stylish outfit. Cooler is a boyfriend jeans that is inserted into the shaft.

Chic lace-up ankle boots

This fall, the classic ankle boots will be given a feminine upgrade. The new trend shoes come with a heel and little sole, look particularly delicate thanks to thin laces and are even a little reminiscent of dance shoes – especially because of the color range: everything from beige to baby blue is included, but you can also go with autumn tones like rust brown and Bordeaux red can be gripped. As beautiful as the lace-up ankle boots look, they have one major disadvantage: They are almost exclusively suitable for golden autumn days! They are also styled to match, they best match the playful floral dress and bring a bit of summer into autumn.

Combat boots

These trend shoes are the complete opposite of the filigree lace-up ankle boots and therefore the perfect companion for muddy rainy days: Combat boots are anything but subtle, come predominantly in dark colors and with a neat plateau and coarse statement sole.

The rough boots are best worn in a style break with feminine pieces such as pleated skirts or midi dresses, but also provide a casual look with jeans as a styling partner . However, care should be taken to ensure that the overall look does not become coarse. The rocky leather jacket can be left in the closet, an elegant trench coat or autumn coat is the better choice in combination with the combat boot.

Classic ankle boots

Statement soles and designs or not, a trend accompanies us through every fall season: the tried and tested leather ankle boot. We now wear the simple evergreens with a block heel, thin sole and medium-high shaft. While the shape shines with restraint, it can get a little wilder in terms of color and pattern. Of course, simple leather variants and crocodile patterns are still popular, but if this is too boring, you can also choose wild animal prints, bright colors or snow-white ankle boots.


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