Layering Looks For Everyday And Stylish Winter Outfits

3 inspirations for every occasion : The holidays are over and for many this means: Back to work! With the new year, you not only ask yourself big questions, but often also wish for a fresh, new start. How is that better than with fashion, with which you can combine and style so much? In winter, layering looks are perfect for everyday wear and also for the office , when it is supposed to be warm for the walk and you can also be well dressed (i.e. not in snow pants). To match, I will show you three different layering looks today that keep you warm and stylish.

Layering looks: denim, wool and blazer

The perfect look for the office if you like jeans but still want to look cool. That is why the look is kept in special colors that are a change from black, gray & Co. in winter and also work in spring, summer and autumn. For the gray denim that everyone has in the wardrobe, I combine a turtleneck sweater, including a spaghetti top and a blazer. If it gets too warm in the office, you can simply put the sweater on your shoulders. The wine-red accessories are a nice splash of color in a wintry pastel look.

Long sleeved dress with knee high boots and sweater

Absolute recommendation: The dress by Ganni that I bought last year with horse print 🙂 This season there is the dress in a new pattern and I love this cut! Clothes can be layered perfectly in winter. Simply pull on a long sleeve underneath – you can also see the collar here – and over it comes a cozy and cropped sweater. I combine knee boots to stretch the figure and warm the legs. Love it!

Layering looks: boots, leather and shirt blouse under a sweater

One of my favorite layering looks works with an oversize shirt blouse that flashes out from under the top. For me, lederhosen are part of a chic classic that always looks stylish and enhances every basic outfit. Therefore, the look is rather simple and dark. The trend shoes of the year are also suitable for everyday use and in the office: chunky boots. The blazer, which you can throw over it, also makes the look a little more elegant.

Winter outfits: shearling coat & knitted sweater

It starts with a nude-colored look consisting of a cozy fake fur coat, a knitted sweater and cool keypiece ankle boots. I currently love knitted sweaters that integrate different knitting patterns. The look is deliberately kept in light cream and nude tones, so even basics have a special effect. Another absolute classic is a cognac-colored scarf that always goes.

Winter look with wool coat, hoodie & black boots

Most of you certainly own a wool coat and hoodie 🙂 They are timeless classics that can be styled and combined differently every time. The casual look is styled a little more chic with leather pants and lace-up boots. For this I chose accessories such as a scarf and bag in an accent color. This makes the dark winter outfit even more stylish.

Winter outfits: trench coat, stripe shirt and jeans

Perfect for warmer winter days like we have in Munich right now: Unpack your trench coat again – with a striped shirt, jeans and an oversize scarf and the winter outfit is ready! This look actually consists of timeless classics and basics that fit in almost every season.

Winter look with camel coat and leather pants

I have been wearing my camel coat for years and like to combine the brown cognac tones with dark contrasting colors. For one of these winter outfits I also use lederhosen, a light blouse and cardigan. Chunky boots are a new shoe trend this year; An investment is worthwhile here, because thanks to Bottega Veneta, the trend will certainly continue for longer!

Winter look with oversize knit and denim

In winter nothing works without oversize knitwear! A nice everyday look for the cold season, which I also wear, are denim, hiking boots, a knitted sweater and my super warm winter jacket from Canada Goose. The winter outfit is in my favorite natural colors: cream and khaki


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