Limousine: The Luxury Car For The Wedding

Whether for the trip to the hairdresser, to the registry office, to the church or to the party location , it usually doesn’t work without a car. The limousine is a popular choice for the big day, especially for the trip between the wedding ceremony and the party; it is a luxury that accompanies many performances. Renting a limousine has a romantic aspect: The newly wed couple can pause for a brief moment after the wedding, enjoy the togetherness during the journey and enjoy the luxury of the first moments as a man and woman in a vehicle full of beauty and Spend exclusivity. Enough space for the chic wedding dress, a glass of sparkling wine, peace of mind and a moment of peace are good reasons for a trip in the chic car.

An eye catcher

First and foremost, the stretch limousine has the visual advantage: the car looks beautiful, majestic and impressive and is the direct association with luxury. The special thing about such a vehicle is the fact that it is almost never seen in everyday life and always attracts everyone’s attention, which of course seems very suitable for a wedding. Since the extravagance and the extraordinary basically run as a guide through the most beautiful event in the world, the fascination for the chic cars is only understandable. A car parade, which drives from the registry office to the party location and is led by a chic limousine, is an impressive sight, suitable for the occasion. Photos with the piece of jewelery are also popular, as are almost any wedding album includes the photos with the wedding vehicle.

Choosing the right limousine

Depending on the provider, the bride and groom have various vehicles available, whether historic, classic or ultra-modern. A classic stretch limousine can be up to 14 meters long and offer enough space for the bride and groom and, if necessary, parents, groomsmen or children. Usually the limousines are white, silver or black, although in much rarer cases extravagant designs in red or pink are also possible. For people who generally have little specialist knowledge on the subject of limousines, extensive advice and a visit to the providers who present their vehicles is recommended. Often you can get inspiration without obligation at wedding fairs.

Decorations: make the limousine and car parade chic

Hardly any bride and groom do without a chic flower decoration on their wedding vehicle, it looks classy, ​​festive and tasteful. Floral arrangements for the limousine can be made by a florist. Often, however, the provider already has good contacts with whom the limousine service usually works. Sometimes flowers can be booked directly with the provider in a wedding package.

If you attach importance to the optics, the car parade can get a uniform decoration. Flowers, ribbons, balloons and bows are common for the escort vehicles. These can be distributed immediately after the civil or church wedding (e.g. by witnesses or parents). It is important to check beforehand whether the planned decorations will hold up during the journey: Balloons on the antenna tend to B. to burst at more than 30km / h.

Who should ride in the limousine?

This question should be clarified in advance. There are no “rules” in this area. But it is always recommended to take the moment and spend the time together. It is a quiet moment in which the bride and groom can let themselves go for a moment, forget the stress and excitement and recharge their batteries for the upcoming celebration. For family people, it is advisable to take the children or parents with you in the limousine, the main thing is that the people are good for the bridal couple. Those who prefer to start enjoying the festive atmosphere in the lemonade can open a bottle of sparkling wine with the groomsmen and enjoy the start of the big party on the way there. If you have your beloved pet with you, you should inquire beforehand


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