The Top Lipstick Brands That Every Woman Should Own

Lipsticks make you look impeccable and with so many hues and colors, every girl can now look like a diva. Make-up remains incomplete without proper lipsticks. But, one must always ensure to check for the Skin tone, Different types in the lipstick, Brands, Quality and the Ingredients used to make that particular lipstick. There are different kinds of lipsticks that are available in the market these days and there are also a lot of lipstick manufacturers too. But, checking for all the above mentioned things would make you invest not only in the right product but, the ones that make you look classy.

Having the right kind of lipstick, matte, glossy, ice-matte would help you achieve the looks that you want to. Also, using the right kind of colors according to your skin tone would make people understand the taste you have with respect to fashion. As already mentioned there are certain players in the fashion industry who are known to manufacture the best lipsticks. In this article we have written extensively about the different brands of lipsticks that can immediately transform you to look trendy and sensual within moments. So, shall we check some of the top brands of lipsticks that can enhance your looks?

1. Lotus herbals

This is one of the brands in the areas of cosmetics from a very long time. Lotus lipsticks are known for their quality and also the concept. Lotus herbals are known to manufacture the lipsticks with a blend of herbs modern technology making it the best product. Most of the women go gaga over the wide range of colors that Lotus has.

2. Revlon

This is yet another leading player in the areas of cosmetics and they know what their customers want. The shaded of lipsticks manufactured by Revlon is vast and it caters to the need of every customer. They have wide range of selection for summer, winter and spring seasons. Having a Revlon lipstick is mandatory for all those ladies who are looking forward to create the best and positive first impression.

3. Lakme

Known as the best and the most versatile cosmetic manufacturer, Lakme has a lot of choices when it comes to lipsticks. Their lipsticks are affordable by all and the colors they have are vivid and vibrant. So walking around with the super lustrous lipstick from Lakme can make you a celebrity overnight. So, just try one of their shades today for the most striking looks.

4. Colorbar

Fashion starts with Colorbar and yeah, they are known for different kinds of cosmetics that they manufacture. Amongst the others, their lipsticks are a class apart. They are well-versed with the current trend and manufacture exactly those which would not just satisfy the ladies but, also end up buying more. Wearing their velvet matte lipstick and walking down the lane can attract a lot of compliments. Are you looking for such compliments to be showered on you? Try, Colorbar then!

5. Maybelline

Maybelline has been ruling the fashion industry from years now. If you are a fashionista you would certainly be a proud owner of at least one of their products because they are known to manufacture a variety of cosmetic products. The 24 hours long-lasting lipsticks from Maybelline are worth the buy. The finishing that it gives in unbeatable and it is a perfect one for creating the best professional looks. So, this can be one of the brands that you must consider buying when you are planning for a lipstick.
Well, having lipsticks from these brands are must for all those girls who wants to feel elated and confident.


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