Make Up Younger: With These 8 Beauty Tricks You Can Cheat The Years Away

Ten years in ten minutes are not so unrealistic with these make-up tricks. Make-up is rightly called a miracle weapon. Applied correctly, it can make us look more awake, leaner and yes, even younger! So it is worth knowing a few tips and tricks. Here are 8 tips from us, so that make-up also works with younger people.

Moisture is everything

It seems so natural and yet it is always forgotten: the moisturizer. If we don’t provide our skin with sufficient moisture, all great make-up is of no use. After all, pale and dry skin makes every wearer ten years older. So before you start applying your makeup, the first step after showering or cleaning your face should always be to apply a moisturizer. Then the skin looks rosy and fresh and is prepared for the stresses of the day. Tip: If you want your skin to look younger and more radiant, you should use a serum with hyaluronic acid. It supplies your skin with moisture, plumps up and prevents wrinkles.

Rose makes you young

Even if the lip trend hype is dull right now, you should be aware that dull lips make us look older. Our beloved nude tones in particular also ensure that our complexions can appear pale. So if we prefer to present our lips in a youthful and fresh way, the following applies: Away from the trends and towards the classics. A delicate rosé, for example, is much better if you want to treat your lips to a little makeover.

Liquid concealer is a must have

Concealers hide dark circles and make us look younger for that alone. The problem: if the consistency of the concealer is wrong, it can still make us look older. Everything in a crucible contains wax. Sooner or later these will settle in the fine wrinkles around the eyes and then emphasize them. So prefer to use liquid concealers that can be applied with a brush or an applicator. They hide dark circles just as well, but don’t settle in the wrinkles. A little extra bonus is that liquid concealer is easier to apply, so you don’t have to dab and rub the sensitive skin around the eyes. This then saves us future wrinkles.

Eyeshadow only with primer

As soon as even the finest wrinkles are visible on the eyelid, eyeshadow magically finds a way to set itself apart. It should be clear that this naturally emphasizes every line. A good eyeshadow base can be a really good help in such a situation, to put a few years off your face.

Emphasizes the contours

The good news is that as we age, we lose fat cells on our faces. Gone are the days of strenuous cheekbones modeling and the days are beginning in which you can celebrate your clearly defined contours. Put some blush on the highest part of the cheekbones and blend it down. The rejuvenating effect becomes even more intense when a little shimmer comes into play. So: Long live the highlighter! Tip: Highlighter is best only applied where the light would naturally be reflected, for example at the highest point on the cheekbones or on the bridge of the nose.

Leave your eyebrows alone

Similar to full hair, full eyebrows are a sign of youthfulness. Therefore, it is best to leave your eyebrows alone and not tug at them all the time. Also, as we get older, our brows tend to become more asymmetrical. Many women try to correct this by supposedly tracing the eyebrows straight away. Do not be subject to this mistaken belief! The eyebrows will not look more symmetrical, just more artificial. Eyebrows are sisters not twins – they are allowed to differ.

Wonder weapon eyelash curler

Very few people know, but gravity does not go past our eyelashes either. Eyelashes lose their curl over the years and become straight. However, you can counteract this with an eyelash curler. Because nothing makes us look fresher than an open and alert look. To achieve this, you can even heat the eyelash curler a little with the hairdryer, so you have a curler for the eyelashes.

Length instead of volume

Our eyelashes not only become straighter but also thinner over time. Many women therefore resort to mascara, which promises more volume. However, this is a fallacy, since thin eyelashes are not able to carry the weight of the volume mascaras. The result is that the eyelashes are pressed down and lose their curl. So forget about volume mascara! Mascaras that promise more length are the better alternative for an open look.


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