Maxi-length Coats: These Are The Most Beautiful Models For Small Women

If you’ve always had the feeling that long coats look rather unfavorable because of their size, you can now lean back and relax. We relieve you of the stressful search and show you the perfect maximum models for small women.¬†For some women it is jeans , for others bras or shoes: there are parts that we just don’t like to shop because buying them is pure stress and the parts just don’t fit. Although most of us would not think of this category of fashion pieces when thinking about coats and instead can hardly wait to finally slip into our cozy new companion , there is still a group that would not join them. We’re talking about little women.

It is not an easy task for them to find the perfect Maxim model that looks elegant but does not make it look any smaller. Have you also been panicked as soon as the coat season approaches? You can now leave those times behind you, because we’ve looked around the coolest online shops and identified the ten most beautiful models for the golden season, with which even petite women don’t have to do without the XXL look!

This is the perfect maxi length in coats for short women

The ultimate for little women when buying a coat is the right length of their new favorite piece. Sure, long jackets are first of all one thing – long. But if you take a closer look at the garment, you will notice the small but subtle differences. While floor-length coats swallow the entire figure up to the ankle, in items that already end above the knee we look even more compressed and as if tucked into a child’s coat that is too small.

Therefore, the coat should at least go over it. Even better: models that go exactly up to half the calf – are your perfect companion that protects against the frosty temperatures. It is the perfect length when it is around ends two hands wide above the ankle. Why? Shackles give the silhouette a decisive contour and should therefore be clearly visible – especially with a small stature. In addition, this length guarantees you that both sneakers and ankle heels with block heels come into their own and give the look space. This makes this length particularly flattering and makes your legs appear visibly longer.

These patterns should have maxi coats for little ladies

Not only the exact length of your maxicoat is crucial, small women should also choose the shape and color wisely. Voluminous designs such as teddy coats make the body appear visually shorter and also a little more misshapen. In contrast, tailored models – for example a classic trench coat or pieces with a flattering A-line – are real wonders for the figure by stretching it and conjuring up a slim line.

For this reason, you should make sure that the cut fits snugly around your waist and shoulders. It is best to use items made of fine wool, because it is not too heavy on the skin and does not drag your proportions down even further. Simple nuances such as gray, beigeor – if you want to wear some color in the cool season – green and dark magenta tones support the slim look. You don’t want to do without prints entirely? Then choose fine coats with checked or leopard patterns. These can also give you a little more size. With this fashion tip, women with small stature can also make it big.

Are you already itching your fingers? The ten most beautiful coats for the cold season, which are also suitable for petite women, can be found in our picture gallery.


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