Maxi Length – Right Styling For Big And Small Women

Maxi is the new Mini Рthe right proportion is important when styling. Big or small women have to do different things.  The seventies are back and with the revival of the hippie years their looks are coming back, because the fashion in summer 2011 is all about the summer of love. The designers celebrate the decade of flower power in the form of newly launched bell bottoms, colorful hippie hats and maxi dresses.

The Maxi Trend is not entirely new. Over the past year, over-long skirts and dresses have always been discovered on the catwalks. But this fashion trend is only very slowly becoming established. Because one question arises with many trends: How do I put it on? Does that fit my figure? Can I wear something like that at all? Unfortunately, the maxi length also harbors a few tricky traps that need to be avoided. With the right styling tips, the new maxi length can be styled very well for both tall women and small women. The new length can be worn perfectly on relaxed summer days and easily styled for the evening with a few simple steps.

Hollywood shows it again, because the trend has long been a long-running hit and stars like Nicole Richie or the Olsen Twins show that the maxi look is also suitable for small women who are under 1.65m. The only important thing here is how? The golden rule generally applies to small women: less is more .

+ small women have to stretch their figure optically , i.e. use clear, straight cuts without a lot of ruffles or steps

+ the most flattering are soft, flowing materials

+ bandeau dresses r particularly suit small women and emphasize the upper body

+ short, airy tops with long skirtscombine and emphasize the waist with a beautiful belt , that creates proportions

+ if jackets, then short slim-
cut box jackets
+ never mix patterns!

With the patterned skirt, a simple top + shoes with heels like wedges stretch and make beautiful legs

+ no large eye-catching accessories, such as shoppers or XL bags. Rather small clutches and handbags

+ simple filigree jewelry , instead of large overloaded pieces of jewelry

+ casually sticking up your hair or tying it in a bun, this visually lengthens the upper body

For tall women, the new maxi look is ideal thanks to the natural conditions. Nevertheless, the right proportion is important when styling.

+ tall women are allowed to wear long, colorful dresses and skirts with patterns

+ pattern mix and lots of jewelry do not have an overwhelming effect here but go well with the hippie look

+ voluminous sweeping cuts and ruffled dresses can be worn

+ the layered look is advantageous for the optical division of body size, especially for very tall women

+ boyfriend blazer plus long skirt looks casual and conceals small love handles

+ flat shoes like gladiator sandalsand wearing sandals

+ casually combined with large bags and hats

With the floor-length all-rounder you are well prepared for this summer. No matter whether for a garden party, a shopping day or a chic evening party. With a few simple steps, this trend can be styled for any occasion.

+ General + + When choosing the material, pay attention to which skirt you choose: Jersey fabrics quickly show everything underneath. Be careful with firm cotton, it makes it wider than slim + Always try on dresses and skirts in advance + the length should go to just above the floor but never rub over it

+ Even here the basic rule of longitudinal strips stretch visually, horizontal stripes can apply quickly

+ particularly elegant look black, brown and beige tones and are good for the evening suitable

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