Morning Routine: How To Start The Day Perfectly

How you start things is important – and that doesn’t just apply to the big things in life, like a new year, a new job, or even a new relationship. No, it is particularly essential for the supposedly everyday things in life. And what is more everyday than starting the day in the morning? Because you do that every morning anew. Your morning routine determines how you start the day. And that can be pretty groundbreaking for the rest of the day!¬†Every day there are 24 hours waiting for you, which you can design like a white canvas according to your ideas. And in the end nothing else comes out of it than the painting of your life.

Why a morning routine is important

A positive, rested morning routine makes your start of the day much more pleasant than a stressed and rushed start. That is clear! But not every morning is perfect. And not every day feels like a blessing.But it’s up to you in which direction you steer your day. And depending on the course of your morning, you can influence your day enormously.¬†That doesn’t mean that you should jump up, jog a lap and have breakfast with avocado toast and latte macciato 2 hours before work – it depends much more on small decisions that you make consciously and individually in the morning. And create such a daily ritual for you.

The snooze button is taboo

Sounds hard right away – but it has to be! Because by constantly waking up and sleeping on, you confuse your brain so much that it doesn’t know whether it should be tired or awake. And that can drag on all day in the form of fatigue. So get up when you set out to do it. And not 5 or 15 minutes later! Even if you find it difficult at first, you will quickly notice that you feel more productive and fitter.

Our tip:

Sleep with the shutters raised or open your curtains immediately after getting up. Light awakens your body, whereas in the dark the sleep hormone melatonin is released.

Stay offline

Is your first hand on your cell phone in the morning? Stop it! Because your start of the day should revolve around you and you should experience it very consciously. WhatsApp, Instagram and Co. usually do the opposite, because these apps distract you and cloud the conscious perception of your morning. In the worst case, you read bad news in the morning that annoys or makes you sad.

Our tip:
Switch your phone to flight mode in the evening and set a specific time at which you can pick it up again. Until then, stay away from the cell phone.

Find something that is good for you

A little exercise in the fresh air with the dog or while jogging, meditation, a delicious cup of coffee, an extensive breakfast, a good book or the news in the newspapers – there are many things that are often neglected in everyday life. Think about which activities you enjoy and relax. Because that’s what it’s about! In the morning, consciously take your time for these things and make yourself feel so good.

Our tip:

Planning is half the battle! Plan a certain period of time for your activities and stick to it. So you don’t get bogged down and keep your routine in the long term.

Say thank you

Such a mountain of tasks and to dos can be quite stressful. We often forget that there are so many things that we can be thankful for. To motivate yourself, think in the morning of the good things or people that already exist in your life. This takes less than 20 seconds and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Our tip:
How about a gratitude diary? Here you can enter who or what you are thankful for every morning. On bad days, reading the list is guaranteed to build you up again quickly.

Set priorities

Even if there are many things for which you are already grateful, there are certainly not a few tasks that you still have to do. You quickly lose track of things. And here it helps to prioritize. Write down your 3 most important tasks that need to be done during the day. Even if there are other tasks – this list shows you which tasks have to be done before you go to bed. And that will help you enormously to focus on your day.

Our tip:

Don’t just think about these 3 tasks, but write them down and check them off as soon as you have completed them. Nothing feels more liberating than a fulfilled to-do list.
We hope our suggestions can help you to find your very own morning routine and to cope with it every day in a positive and optimal way. Have fun!


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