120 Trending Nail Designs Every Woman Should Try This Year

Nail art design is an art of painting and drawing different shapes and patterns on your nails to give them a funky look. Whether you care to admit it or not, the nail designs business sector is actually on the rise. Nail art has simply become one of the way you can make a strong fashion statement. They are simply just beautiful and add a bit more detail and fresh loom to your hands. Each year you will see different trends of nail designs, with slightly detailed and easy nail designs and also some cute nail designs.

Types of Nail Designs : There are various types of nail art designs you can choose from. Sometimes you may have acrylic nails and at times have gel or your own nails. The nail art comes in with you choosing a certain pattern or decoration that will make them look cute and just beautiful. Below we have provided couple of popular nail designs with images, try those on your beautiful nails.

Here are top 10 nail designs that you can explore:

1. A Simple Paintbrush Design

This is one of the designs you can do on your own. All you need to is choose the right color, and you can have cute nails in no time. Make sure you give the nails enough time to dry before you start moving around as they may be smudged.

2. You Can Also Opt for the Nail Art Stickers and Decals

You can design and embellish your nails with different types of stickers and decals. This is a trending style and it’s also quite simple to do. These look even better with longer nails so you may want to grow your nails a bit or even opt for acrylic nails

Nail Designs

3. Taping for a Double Color

If you are looking to try out a fun double tone look, you can apply the first color, then tape over a portion of your nail then paint with a different color. You will then get a nice double color tone which is quite refreshing.

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Nail Art Designs

4. Airbrush Nail Techniques

This is a funky and trendy new nail design technique that is finding permanent residence in those that are looking for added sparkles. This definitely has to be done at a nail bar for the salon. You get your nails colored with your favorite color, and then you can add little pieces of art like diamond or heart-shaped crystals. Another nice style is the little bows that you can put at the base of your nails. It’s recommended that you get acrylic nails for this design.

5. Matte Finish Nails

For this of you who are over the glossy finish and are looking for a little less sparkle, you can try put the matte finish. It may not be the traditional shiny style but you can make any color pop with a matte finish. Also, you can add some nice drawings or even stickers to give your nails a bit more detail.

6. Have A Little Glitter

Glitter nail art design can be applied to any finish. For the glossy finish, you will get even more glam and sparkle and with the matte finish, the glitter can bring out your style and a bit more bright.

7.  Get a Sponge Gradient Texture

This is a simple method that you can try at home. All you need is the color or colors you want to apply and then you can put on the sponge. Then apply it on your nails by tapping on gently.

There are so many other techniques and designs for nail art. You can also experiment on your own and explore new styles. Nail design is an art, explore and reflect your style.