Neck Holder Cut Has Been Popular With Dresses & Tops

The neck holder cut has been popular with dresses and tops since the 1950s. In 2020, halter dresses in particular are making a comeback. At least since Meghan Markle exchanged her wedding dress for a Stella McCartney halter dress to celebrate her big day, new hype has been born. Why?

The elegant and slim magic of the neck holder

Quite simply: A neck holder lets the shoulders and neck area of ‚Äč‚Äčevery woman (no matter what type of figure) come into their own. As the name suggests, a dress or top with this cut is tied around the neck, leaving the shoulders and a more or less large part of the back free. The high collar and the tapered cut visually lengthen the upper body and neck – this can be a bit slimmer. The additional effect: the narrow, flattering cut of the neck holder conjures up every look more elegantly and makes it look more expensive.Especially monochrome halter dresses or tops in muted colors like white or black reinforce this effect. The next big plus? Halter dresses are a touch sexy without showing too much.

How do I combine halter neck

Halter tops are all-round talents: they go with torn high-waist jeans as well as pencil skirts or Marlene pants. Halter dresses are also multi-compatible. Whether a short and tight halter dress or a swinging maxi version: halter dresses look great with flat or high heels. Sneakers, ballerinas or high heels – there are no limits to the possible combinations.

Neckholder go particularly well with arm and ear jewelry. You can go full throttle here because the shoulder-free tops create the perfect conditions for a big appearance of earrings and bracelets. Only necklaces should be avoided – the halter is already doing the job. By the way: If you want to emphasize the elegance of a neck holder, you can wear your hair pinned up or tightly tied, so that the neck and shoulders can be particularly effective.

Which bra works with a halter

Completely strapless bras actually work best , which nowhere can be seen under a halter top or dress. Neckholder with a low back cutout can use adhesive bras that only cover the breasts. If you can’t do without straps for a bra, you should try a halter bra – at least there is a chance that the bra straps can be hidden under the top straps. Normal bra straps, which run over the shoulders, unfortunately destroy the magic effect of necklaces very quickly. A little tip: If you don’t have breasts that are so big that a bra has to hold your breasts, you should simply do without the part and wear the halter without anything underneath.

Where do I wear the halter?

Basically, the halter, whether top or dress, can be worn anywhere. In some offices, the off-shoulder cut could be considered too revealing. Here, or in places like a church, you can, for example, put a blazer or a scarf over your bare shoulders to be a little more dressed. The following applies to neckholder dresses: longer, swinging models fit better in the day, while short, tight versions are perfect for a night outfit.


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