Never Use These Things On Your Face

There are a lot of beauty products available in the market and using all these products at once is definitely not recommended. Some of the products would have a lot of harmful chemicals and that can damage your skin in the long run. A few people avoid all the cosmetics and end up using ingredients that are found in the kitchen as beauty products. Well, this is inappropriate as well. Then, what are the products that you must use. First of all when you are planning to buy beauty products you must make sure to test them on your skin.

After testing, you must find out if the products contain the necessary ingredients or not. You must also ensure to check if it supports your skin type or not. When you buy the beauty care products you must make sure that they belong to a reputed brand and have the ingredients that aren’t harmful to the skin. Buying expensive products that does not suit your skin is not recommended. Also, to keep your facial skin intact, you must make sure not to use certain products listed below. Keeping these things away from your skin would keep you skin glowing.

1. Soaps are dangerous

Soaps are one of the most common things that people use to cleanse their faces. But, did you know these soaps can turn out to be one of the most harmful things ever to damage your skin? Yes, soaps have a higher pH value and this can pretty harsh on your skin. Hence, it is recommended that you use a face wash that is mild in nature. This can help you to keep your skin healthy.

2. Never use body lotions for face

The ingredients that go into the making of body lotion are different and they are meant for the skin on your body. You must know that the face creams which can maintain the health of your skin appropriately. The consistency and thickness of body lotion and the face cream are pretty different. Sine, body lotion is thicker it can actually accumulate a lot of dirt on the skin leading to skin related issues.

3. Hot water can be harmful

The texture of your skin would get spoiled when you use hot water to wash your face. The sebum in the skin would be produced in larger quantities when the layers of skin gets stripped off. Hence, using luke warm water to wash your face is highly recommended.

4. Body paints with chemicals aren’t good

Some of the body paints would have harmful chemicals in them. Most of the people end up using a lot of paints during the Halloween and this can actually create a lot of issues to the skin. Thus, using paints that do not have any chemicals or that is safe for your skin is essential.

5. Shampoos are to be kept away from faces

Most of the people end up cleansing their skin using Shampoos when they do not find anything handy. It is good to leave your skin without cleaning instead of using something like shampoo. Shampoos are made to clean your hair and the texture of the hair differs largely from the facial skin. Hence, using shampoos are definitely bad for your face.

6. Toothpaste for zits

It’s myth that toothpastes can actually reduce zits. Toothpaste contains ingredients that are used to clean the teeth and using the same on your face can cause more harm to your skin rather than helping you.

These are some of the ingredients that have to be kept away from your face. When you keep these things away you would be able to maintain the health of your skin properly.


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