New Pants – Trends 2020

Jeans, jeans, jeans … In terms of legwear, our fashion horizon has been somewhat limited in recent years. A material other than denim hardly came to our feet. This is REALLY about to change. Culottes, marlenes and bermudas are on the rise. Reason enough to take a close look at the new pants trends.

Bermuda is competing with cycling shorts

Really. No joke. The Bermuda trousers are back. After the comeback of cycling shorts last season, nothing can surprise us, can it? Bermuda shorts are entering the market in all imaginable variations. At the latest this season, this style is now also conquering our wardrobes. The new models are cut in knee or shorts length and mostly reach to the navel. Over sized cut blazers and high heels are the perfect addition to the new shorts, but flats also look great.

The comeback of the 70s. Pants with flap and Co.

Not a summer season in which the comeback of the 1970’s is not predicted. And this year it should REALLY be ready. Gaudy, floral (wallpaper) patterns have found their way into the designers’ collections. Bell bottoms are said to have also been sighted. And the maritime sailor look of the hippie decade also wants to go back to our wardrobes. Platform shoes and center parting just go perfectly with these styles. We are excited to see which key pieces of the 70s are still seen on the streets.

Pants in 7/8 length also known as culottes

The wide 7/8 pants have been with us for several seasons and that won’t change this year either. The only turning screw: They come in EVEN more variants. There is everything in terms of length, from just above the knee to the ankle. The materials range from high-quality leather to pretty cotton qualities. The white twill culotte in particular is on the rise. And rightly so. Culottes are just wonderfully versatile. Combined with a blouse and heels, they look incredibly elegant. Sneakers and shirts, on the other hand, make them look more casual. One part, countless outfit variants. What more do you want?

Dress pants as a solo artist

Celebrities and influencers have been wearing their pantsuits for a while. This season, blazers and suit pants will also play an important role in our wardrobe. The suit trousers are then no longer worn only on official occasions, but also casually with everyday sneakers and shirts. Depending on the style, we spray a lot of elegance or coolness in these outfits.

Leather pants in all variations

Lederhosen have also been with us for several seasons and are almost perceived as basic. Nevertheless, we are also devoting a paragraph to them here, as they come onto the market sometimes in new colors, sometimes in new shapes. The skinny shape is probably the style that has been with us for a long time. Now more variants are pushing into our wardrobe. From short to long, narrow to wide, knee to ankle length – the leather models on offer are more diverse than ever. And we? We have fun doing it!

Far, far, far.

Bye, bye skinny. Hello new width! Trousers that can only be closed when lying down? Who does not know that? This variant of dressing has probably accompanied some of us through the different seasons. In 2020 we can now expect a new level of relaxation, which is reflected in the cuts and silhouettes of the trendy pants. Whether Marlene, culotte, flared trousers or boot cut, the trousers continue to grow and we love it!

The new relaxation

I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled to say goodbye to skinny jeans and pants. For my taste, we have been squeezing ourselves into the tight styles for too long. Now it’s time to find new station wagons, discover new looks and reinvent wide silhouettes. Do you find that as exciting as I do?


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