New Trends In Salwars Get a Glamorous Style

Salwars are the go-to thing for every Indian woman. In every woman’s wardrobe, you are going to find tonnes of different kinds of salwar suits. There’s one for every occasion. Some are for casual wear, some are for home wear, others are for parties and weddings and there are those which can be worn with style and confidence as evening wear. This essentially means that Salwars are versatile clothes that come in different sizes, textures, and styles. But no matter how many styles there already are, there’s always room for more.

These evergreen classics keep on updating their list and category almost every few years. After all, the demand for these comfortable pieces of clothing is sky high and so people are always trying to innovate and capture the market with the next big thing. So we are here to show you what are the new trends popular in the salwar world. Maybe something from this list will be your next party wear:

Try Out A Palazzo Suit

Let us be clear, Palazzos are here to stay. Any wide hemmed pants will rule in Indian summers. But Palazzos are evolving as well. New styles are being brought in. These are intricately detailed and have a cape. The bell-bottomed pants along with a regal straight kameez that has some thigh-high slits are taking over slowly. This looks royal but also youthful and casual. Perfect for any cocktail or family gathering.

Maybe A Trouser Suit

Trousers provide Indian women the ability to move around faster and better, all the while looking chic and stylish. So this is here to stay as well. Trousers with salwar kameez is a winning combo. Choose a salwar which flatters your figure or which flares out, it’s up to you. This along witha flowery kameez with printed panels will work to make you look ready for any occasion.

How About Some Printed Salwars

It’s not that printed Salwars have ever gone out of fashion but many people kind of gravitated towards bold and block colors in the previous years. But printed or painting inspired salwar motifs are making a comeback. Nowadays women tend to prefer abstract prints or woven motifs more. These designs are so unique and creative that there is no need for further decoration. As a result, these indo-western styles work well as party wear but also if you are going somewhere which is more low key.

It’s Time To Sharara (Or Just Try Out The Suit)

While Indian designs show case grassroots and indigenous talent but there’s something very traditional as well as exotic which it comes to Middle Eastern designs. Apart from Middle Eastern styles, Persian and Mughal ones have continued to hold Indians captive with their designs as well. Pakistani suits have always remained popular and have become more so in recent years. The intricacy of the work and the minute attention to various details make these suits a treat to wear. So Shararas and Gararas are slowly becoming more popular again. Their Persian style mixed with the nawab designs make these shararas perfect for the wedding season.Pair them up with some ethnic bottoms and then showcase your vivacity at the party.

Anarkali Disco Chali?

Let’s be real, Anarkali never went out of style. These majestic suits are classy and perfect for wearing to any evening event. Anarkalis did see some dropsin the previous season but in this one, they are coming back like they own the market. The best part about Anarkalis is that it can be worn by anyone. There’s nothing quite like wearing an Anarkali.

These salwar styles have never really gone out of style or trend. But these styles are being reinvented in new ways every year and that deserves to get recognized.


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