New Trends In Winter Jackets And Sweater For Indian Women

Brrr…winter is finally here which means that it time to bundle up. With some parts of the country hitting record low temperatures, the clothing mantra for this winter season is Warmer Is Better. When it comes to winter wear, people think that there is a severe lack of variety. This sentiment isn’t wrong. Makers do prioritize keeping you warm over making it stylish. Black, brown or grey jackets are the norm in most types of sweaters and jackets. Women get more colors like red, blue or green, but anything else seems a little tacky.

Yet there is a problem with this color scheme. These are the festivals and occasions which are a part of every Indians life. Indians have a tonne of festivals, social functions and weddings to attend to even in this big chill. So its time to change the clothing mantra a little for the wedding season and make it warmer but trendier as well. Its difficult to find stylish but also colorful jackets and sweaters for women. Whats more difficult is finding trendy winter wear made of different materials. Perhaps seeing the below-highlighted types will change your mind about that:

Shrug Sweaters

Shrug sweaters are long shrugs but these are warmer and thicker than the regular shrugs you wear during summers. These shrug sweaters also don’t have zippers or buttons to close it up. Remember that these sweaters won’t keep you too warm. So it&s better if you wear it mostly as decoration after putting on some warm layers below. Example: If you are planning on wearing a western outfit like a cool top or warm sweater along with denim or jeans then these shrug sweaters will complement that outfit.


Whenever one thinks of blazers, the first word to pop up in our minds is Office. That’s expected since offices are where blazers are mostly worn. But blazers can make any woman look stylish and smart outside the workplace as well. Blazers are considered formal wear and they are, but instead of formal office wear, you can wear them as formal dinner or wedding wear too. Pair a sexy blazer with trousers to show its magic. The best thing is that blazers are also available in cotton, denim of linen.

High Neck Sweaters

High neck sweaters never went out of fashion and in fact, they are worn pretty frequently to weddings and also to casual outings. If you are going with high neck sweaters then try out one which has the style and elegance to make you look complete. To be a little riskier, try on the high neck, sleeveless pullovers. It will look great for clubwear and casual outings. Pair it up with a woolen sweater and wear it with jeans or even legging.

Quilted Jackets

In the end, Quilted jackets are for those who love the warmth and don't care who thinks they look drab. You will have plenty of time to show off fashion if you can survive the biting cold unscathed. Quilted jackets are double layered and made from cotton, leather, fleece, wool, etc. It will keep you warm during winter. The best part is that they are available with hoodies as well. So if there’s a casual outing or if you want to go hiking then Quilted jackets are just the thing for the occasion. Try out these jackets with leggings, high boots, sarees, and suits as well. Winters may not offer as much variety in clothes as summer does but the secret of the season lies in
pairing these sweaters and jackets up smartly.


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