Nice Winter Shoes For Warm And Stylish Feet!

You wanted a blog post about the most beautiful winter shoes and here it is, I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who almost always have cold feet. In winter with freezing temperatures, this can be a real challenge. Therefore, I now have many different winter shoes that not only fit different occasions and outfits, but also different temperatures. Here it is particularly important: the warm shoe should of course also look good on the foot despite its function. And yes, dear ones, it works! So today I’m not just showing you the current shoe trends for winter 2020, but also lots of models that do something for our feet both visually and well-being,Happy Shopping.

Biker boots & cowboy boots

The classic among autumn and winter shoes is the black biker boot aka Chelsea boots. Biker boots are characterized by the fact that they have rocking details such as buckles or other metallic elements. In most cases, biker boots can be closed directly either with an inner zip and / or with the buckles. Chelsea boots, on the other hand, are usually easy to slip into because they have a small elastic band on the side. This year, cowboy boots are also very popular in this category.

The casual shoes are not only back on the streets thanks to Calvin Klein, but also due to countless fashionistas who already wore the shoes with romantic dresses in summer as a break in style for Fashion Week. It goes without saying that we also take the boot trend into the colder seasons.In contrast to the very old vintage models from the past, the cowboy boots 2020 mostly come in medium calf height, as smooth leather and with metallic details.

Slouch booties

Not only are the 90s back, the 70s are also making a fashionable comeback. Most important key pieces? The slouch boots. These are boots that go up to at least half of the calf, but ideally just below the knee. Slouch because the boots (thanks to the soft (leather) material) tend to slide down a bit on the leg when walking and are gathered casually and chic on the leg. This winter slouch boots come in all imaginable colors, so you are spoiled for choice. A m best see the 70s boots the way out to midi skirts and coarse knitting sweaters.

White boots

The fact that white shoes are currently back in fashion is the best proof that fashion is somehow possible and that all trends come back at the end of the day. Since my wardrobe and clothing style are rather bright and friendly from the start, I am of course a longer fan of white shoes. You can see one of my favorite couples above: the Balenciaga Cut Out Boots. Certainly not a really common boat, but that’s exactly what I love it for. In winter 2020 you should definitely have the white shoe trend on your screen, because right now you can see white winter shoes pretty much everywhere.

If you like it casual and rather sporty, go for flat models such as biker boots or lace-up boots. If you want to be a bit more “brave” on the go, choose white boots with heels – there are two options:either you go for white boots with a small heel. Then this can also be a bit narrower and go in the direction of stiletto heels. Those who prefer a high heel should make sure that the heel is rather thicker . Everything else can look cheap quickly. If you want to go all in, go for white over the knee boots. But be careful, you will definitely get more than just a look

Animal print

In this blog post here , I already told you that animal print is back and that we encounter pretty much every product category in autumn and winter. So it’s logical that even winter shoes are not spared from the pattern. Our luck, because the boots with animal print are the perfect way to create a real wow effect in just a few steps. So my styling tip is: If you wear animal print, you shouldn’t overdo it. This is how a beautiful snake or leopard print looks best with monochrome looks from the same or a completely different color family . Depending on whether your look should be calm or gaudy.

Lace-up boots & ankle boots

Lace-up shoes are much more elegant. If you are looking for a model that you can also wear for chic events in the evening, you should put on lace-up boots with heels. Fancy colors such as gold give a look that certain something within seconds. Disadvantage: chic lace-up boots with heels are rather something for the snow and ice-free time. At the moment, however, we have a strolling 16 degrees and are far from snow. If you prefer it to be more “relaxed”, you can currently find many beautiful lace-up shoes without a base but with warm lining, for example. I also linked my very personal favorite winter shoes to you below. I swear on the Isabel Marant Nowles Bootsand now have them in blue and beige. Therefore, I can make an absolute purchase recommendation (!) For these shoes . They have been keeping my feet warm for two years and are taking me through the really cold winter.

Overknee boots

Another old acquaintance are Overknee Boots aka Over the knee Boots. The high-cut boots are still a real eye-catcher and give every look, no matter how staid, the title “sexy”. Therefore, you should also style overknee boots very consciously and skillfully. They look super good with shorts, dresses and skirts that end just above the knee. New this year? Skin is not a must! Instead, we now put on over-the-knee boots over tight-fitting pants and optically cheat our legs a few centimeters. In terms of color, I would always prefer muted and classic colors such as black, dark blue or gray for overknee boots. Everything else requires a great deal of styling flair and above all self-confidence – but of course it is also absolutely portable.


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