Nike Drops The Perfect Gamer Outfit

But then Nike has delivered: Just in time for the “League of Legends” World Cup in Shanghai at the end of September, the sporting goods giant is launching an extensive collection that should not only interest Lol fans. Because sneakers with the slogan “Have a Nice Game” can also be worn with other computer games. No, computer games are no longer (just) empty pizza boxes and Red Bull cans. Computer games are sports – just like chess – their stars compete against each other in large stadiums and earn millions . In the meantime, many football clubs in Germany even have their own esports team that represents their team on the PlayStation.

Nike is now underlining the sporting character of gaming once again by dropping the sporting goods giant from a fairly extensive collection that is aimed primarily at gamers and their fans.  Strictly speaking, it’s about “League of Legends” (LoL), which – as of 2016 – more than 100 million people worldwide play with and against each other. This year’s LoL World Championship will take place on September 25th in Shanghai – in the brand new Pudong Football Stadium.

he Nike collection includes pretty much everything a LoL heart desires: a handful of sneakers, classic sportswear and four jerseys, which are dedicated to the Chinese “League of Legends” teams Top Esports, JD Gaming, Suning and LGD.

Nike x “League of Legends”: The slogan “Have a Good Game” fits every computer game

The highlight is certainly the Air Jordan 1 High Zoom. White, with surfaces that oscillate between black and purple, blue soles and laces, it is said to be based on the World Cup trophy .

The other seven sneakers are not quite as spectacular (white, LoL colors red, blue, purple, black), but have nice details that will make gamer hearts beat faster: Air Max 90, Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage, Air Force 1 Low, Air Force 1 High, Air Max 270 React, Joyride Dual Run 2 and Air Max 2X. They all come up with designs that are supposed to be reminiscent of digital images : pixelated or oscillating swooshes , metallic material and the slogan “Have a Good Game” – an allusion to the in-house saying “Have a Nike Day”.

The jerseys don’t just look like real sports jerseys – and hey, computer games are just real sport! -, but also have corresponding properties: They are breathable and moisture-absorbing and kept airy around the hips so that e-athletes don’t feel too constricted. When things get hot, you should be able to lean in all directions in your gaming armchair without any problems.

In addition to the shoes and jerseys, Nike is also bringing out bomber jackets, hoodies and t-shirts that reflect the design of the sneakers.

Wow what a drop! When exactly it will be in stores has not yet been determined – but very likely around the “League of Legends” World Cup at the end of September . So that gamers worldwide can supply themselves with pixelated Swooshs …

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