No More Cleaning Yourself: These Smart Home Devices Are Ingenious!

It annoys you that the household eats up so much time and that you have to do the same thing over and over again? We’ll show you three ingenious smart home devices that put an end to that. For you this means: more time, less stress! Who likes to spend their evening vacuuming, washing clothes or cleaning windows? We have good news for anyone who thinks that only a domestic help can take on these annoying tasks: there are now many intelligent devices that do cleaning, vacuuming or mopping.

These so-called smart home gadgets can be set up easily and controlled intuitively via app with just a few clicks. Means: While you are still on your way home or even put your feet up relaxed, your smart cleaning crew is doing the household chores for you. But which smart home devices are really useful and do a good job? Together with the experts from HOME & SMART we looked at the latest smart home devices and chose the three best.

Smart home device 1: window robot

Do you hate cleaning windows? And when you get up to it, you just don’t want to work without streaks? Then leave the work to the professional: a window robot (yes, there really is!). The Bluetooth window cleaning robot PR-127 V4 from Sichler performed particularly well in the editorial test. He sucks himself into the window using a vacuum and cleans it thoroughly and without leaving streaks. You can even control it via the app when you are not at home. Super practical!

Smart home device 2: robot mop

Most people probably know simple vacuum robots by now. But there are also models that can do more than just vacuum and that even mop the floors for you. To let the little helper whiz through the apartment, all you have to do is do a few clicks in the app. You can also control these devices while on the go. Especially useful when the in-laws invite you to dinner spontaneously and you are not at home yet.

The ‘ Roborock S50 ‘ model is one of the favorites of the smart home experts . It has an integrated wiping function and various suction settings for carpeted, wooden or tiled floors. Compared to other vacuum or floor mopping robots, it should be particularly thorough.

Smart home device 3: WiFi socket

Don’t feel like doing the same thing over and over again? In this case, a WLAN socket can be a useful gadget. They are available in stores from around 10 euros. As an adapter, it connects, for example, a classic floor lamp without smart functions to the mobile phone and makes it remotely controllable via app. So nobody has to get up from the sofa to switch the lamp on or off. Tip: You can even use the clever functions as burglary protection when you are on vacation. With the presence simulation, for example, the connected lamps and other devices are automatically switched on and off. Burglars get the impression that you are at home. You don’t have any Lustal ways the same hand movements? In that case a

Even more practical smart home devices

Those who like it particularly comfortable can also get a smart WiFi washing machine, dishwasher or coffee machine and control them remotely using one of the three popular voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri. For around 300 euros, for example, Tchibo offers an Alexa-compatible capsule coffee machine called Qbo, whose app can be used to conjure up delicious coffee variations.


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