Orbital Piercing: Everything You Need To Know About Ear Piercing

From the risks to the right care: Here is all the information about the orbital piercing that you should know before the piercing. Unlike the Helix , Rook and Snug , orbital piercing is one of the rare ear piercings, as it is still a relatively new trend. The special thing about this ear piercing: For the orbital you need two piercing holes. These are then with aPiece of jewelry(usually a ring) connected to each other. The whole thing looks a bit like an orbit, hence the name of the piercing.

At which point on the ear the two holes for the orbital piercing should be pierced, everyone can decide individually. Basically (almost) all parts of the ear can be connected to one another through the orbital. The most popular types include the Helix Orbital, the Conch Orbital or the Lobe Orbital. And you can also decide individually whether the ear piercing should be pierced vertically, horizontally or at an angle. By the way: If three holes are connected to each other, one speaks of a triple orbital piercing.

This is the difference between orbital and industrial piercing:

The orbital piercing is similar to the industrial piercing, as there are two ear holes through one Piece of jewelrybe connected to each other. But while with industrial piercing the distance between the two puncture points is relatively far apart, with the orbital the holes are pierced at a much smaller distance from each other. In addition, a rod, not a ring, is usually used to connect the holes in the industrial.

Orbital piercing: This is how the ear piercing is pierced

Important in advance: Like all other ear piercings and piercings in general, the orbital piercing should only be done in a professional piercing studio. Non-professional piercing could lead to severe inflammation. In addition, professionalism is required, especially with orbital, as the two holes should be at a certain distance from each other.

Before the actual pricking begins, the ear is first thoroughly disinfected and the two puncture sites are marked with a pen. Caution: It is best to decide which ring size and type you want to use later before you start piercing. This is because these factors play a role in the distance at which the two holes should be made. Now the two holes are pierced one after the other with the help of a hollow needle. Until the wounds have healed, separate plugs should be inserted into both piercing holes so as not to irritate them additionally. Only AFTER complete healing can these be connected with a ring..

By the way: For an orbital you don’t necessarily have to have new piercing holes. If you already have two ears next to each other, you can easily transform them into an orbital and connect them with a ring. The easiest way to do this is of course on the earlobe. Simply measure the distance between the two holes to find out what diameter you need.

Orbital piercing: how painful is the piercing?

How painful the orbital piercing is, depends on the place in the ear. While piercing the earlobe hardly hurts or does not hurt at all, the pain of piercing through cartilage tissue is not always without it. Here the tissue is usually quite thick and hard and with nerves running through it. How great the pain is, of course, depends on how you feel. Since the piercing usually only takes a few seconds, the pain can usually be endured. After the prick, the ear usually swells a little, throbbing or feels hot. However, these symptoms should subside after a short time.

Orbital piercing: these are the risks

Like all other piercings, the orbital also involves risks. For example, if your piercing often gets stuck in your clothes or hair, or if you put strong pressure on the piercing area when you lie on it or wear headphones, this can lead to severe pain. In addition, it is not uncommon for the body to form new tissue during wound healing in order to better combat the injuries. The greatest danger, however, is that the piercing could become infected. This is often the case when the two holes are connected with a ring immediately after pricking and cannot heal independently of each other. However, if two individual plugs are worn until the wound has completely healed, inflammation is very unlikely – especially with proper care.

If your piercing is infected, you should see a doctor or the piercer immediately. Because: An inflammation can spread via the lymph vessels and the inner ear to the facial nerve and, in the worst case, cause facial paralysis or impairment of the facial nerve.

How expensive is an orbital piercing?

How high the costs for an orbital piercing are cannot be said in general terms. The costs vary from studio to studio and from region to region. However, since two piercing holes have to be pierced for the orbital, the price is correspondingly higher than for a single ear piercing . In addition, it depends again on where on the ear the holes are to be pierced. A hole on the earlobe, for example, costs around 30 euros, for two it would be 60 euros. As a rule, you have to reckon with 60 to 100 euros or more for the orbital.

Orbital piercing: this jewelry is there

Once your ear piercing has healed completely, you can take out the plugs at the piercer and connect the two holes with a ring. For orbital piercing, small ball closure rings are most often used. Segment rings, D-rings and horseshoes are of course also possible.

If you don’t want a ring, you can also combine the two piercings with spiral piercings or piercing bananas.


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